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How To Recover Data From Flash Drive

USB flash drives have a tendency to get corrupted with often. This might take place due to a number of different issues. For instance, due to any physical harm to the flash drive, infestations of computer virus, MBR corruption of the device, etc. Regardless of the reason behind the corruption of the data, we have to focus upon how to get it restored. A few details on some of them to help you get over the frustrating experience of losing important data on your data storage device are given below.

Solution to recover data from flash drive

It is highly recommended to give the WondershareData Recovery software a try. It is an effective data recovery software to help you recover lost data from flash drive.

The WondershareData Recovery software offers several different features that have not been offered by any competitive software present in the market. A few of the most prominent features in this regard are discussed below.

  • Offers recovery of data from over 550 formats of files
  • Offers quick, safe and complete recovery of data
  • Allows you to recover files that got lost under any circumstances
  • Allows you to recover files from hard drives, USB flash drives, recycle bin, memory cards, digital cameras, camcoders, etc.
  • Enables you to go through a preview of the recoverable content present in your data files before you need to actually save them on to your hard drive.
  • Offers compatibility for different versions of Windows as well as MAC OS

Steps for recovering data from USB flash drives

A tutorial on how to make use of this software to regain access to your lost data is discussed below.:

Step 1: Select the file formats to recover lost data

Step 2: Choose the location

Choose the location from where you want to recover your lost files. Go for ‘Recover data from external device’ and head on to the next step.

Step 3: Perform the scan

the quick scan option might do the trick for you. If you don’t find your files in the results, select the ‘Deep Scan’ option.

Step 4: Go through the previews

After you have scanned and recovered the files, you can preview the recovered files.

When it comes to recovering data from broken USB flash drives, the best option you have got is a software known as WondershareData Recovery software. It offers several features that you may never find in any competing software applications.