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Beef Up Your Car With These Gadgets

New cars and even old ones get more appealing when great gadgets are added to those. Even though every gadget does not make any sense, there are some which can beef up your car wonderfully. 1. Starlight headlining If you have a Rolls-Royce which is worth minimum $400,000; you are not going to miss any

When Hackers Take Over Your Car

Industry observers have been at it for years. Many are saying that it is now possible for hackers to take over a car remotely. Mind you, this is not simply about changing the radio station but can be as serious as locking the brakes and steering wheel. We can just imagine the disastrous results when

Car Apps for Cheaper Insurance

Car apps can actually result to cheaper auto insurance. Anything that will make a car less risky to insure adds up to the possibility of a decreased insurance cost. The insurance business relies heavily on the presumption and the possibility of risk thus the driving ability of the person is also a critical issue in