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Upcoming Intense Esports Tournaments You Should Follow

Competitive tournaments are usually held every month featuring different game genres and professional teams that perform their best to achieve the best results. Many online gaming sites have opened up the opportunity for esports gambling to bet on teams that compete in prestigious tournaments. Being present in the live arena is something that you should

Could Fallout 76 Rely On Creation Club?

Who’d of thought that we’d be getting a new Fallout announcement so soon? The surprise announcement came as a complete shock to pretty much everyone. If Bethesda was going to announce anything, surely it would have been an Elder Scrolls game. Although who knows, maybe they have something else up their sleeve for E3? Just

Is Live Gaming The Future?

Trying to predict the future of gaming is a very dangerous thing to do. With the technological advances that we have seen over the past few years – and can expect over the next decade – confidently proclaiming what will definitely happen in the world of online gaming is virtually impossible. We have seen the