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Buying TV To Smart Away The Loneliness

Getting an employment in this uncertain economic condition and that too in this queer administrative set up marred by deep rooted corruptions of our exceedingly beautiful country India, is not an easy affair. But surprisingly I and my friend could manage to get some jobs for us in a distant remote place in the western

Curved TVs: A Great Idea or Not?

Curved TVs are a new idea that is emerging on the technology grapevine at the moment, with huge companies like LG and Samsung bringing out the first models. After a reported 2 year dry spell of sales, they’ve suddenly seen a huge increase in popularity. So we thought we’d take a look at them and

How Satellite TV Works

Since its infant stages in the 90s, satellite television has remained one of the best ways to watch television. I personally know a lot of guys who spent a lot of time and money into getting their own satellite dish back in the day. And these things were huge – they were the dinosaurs of