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Top 5 Wireless Optical Mouse in 2015

We are living in a world of technology where each and everything is going wireless. We have come a long distance in terms of this, right from wired phones to smartphones. Gone are the days of wired mouse. Now, everyone wishes to have a wireless mouse. A wireless mouse acts as a saviour for all

Printing Basics – What is a Toner?

Have you ever wondered how the text gets printed on paper when you hit the print button on your computer screen? Interesting, isn’t it? Apparently, there is lot of logic behind the processing of these printed documents, although for us it looks like a five second exercise. It is not quite the same story for

What is Contact Centre Technology?

Contact centre technology (CTT) is a complicated network of mainframes, minicomputers and LAN´s that is designed for the purpose of making and collecting a large volume of telephone calls. There are several types of contact centre technology in operation today and technology companies continue to work to make innovations to improve the service required by