Top 5 Wireless Optical Mouse in 2015

We are living in a world of technology where each and everything is going wireless. We have come a long distance in terms of this, right from wired phones to smartphones. Gone are the days of wired mouse. Now, everyone wishes to have a wireless mouse. A wireless mouse acts as a saviour for all those who spend a good amount of time on a laptop. When it comes to the wireless optical mouse, there is a huge list of a mouse. However, only handful of them works well in real life.

Here is the list of top 5 Wireless Optical Mouse in 2015.

1. JITE – 3233 : $5.97

JITE – 3233

With 5 ergonomic buttons, this is one of the best optical mouse available in the market. This 2.4GHz wireless mouse offers excellent position accuracy and has got a fashionable design. It is a perfect mouse for gaming and surfing. The mouse also offers an adjustable DPI to control the cursor sensitivity for precise control. It is made up of a perfect blend of plastic and metal and weighs only 0.0629 kg.  It is available in five colours.

2. A 100: $4.72

If you are a lover of thin gadgets, you will love A 100. This Ultrathin wireless optical mouse works perfectly fine with Windows and Mac OS. It is a lightweight mouse which looks elegant and classic. It is available in red, white and blue colours. It is a 2.4GHz mouse and weighs 48 grams. It is powered by two AAA batteries. It is made up of high-quality plastic and offers 1600DPI. If you are planning to buy a wireless mouse or wish to view some more wireless mouse, visit GearBest which is the best place to buy Wireless Optical Mouse

3. T003: $14.90


The best thing about this wireless mouse is that it can be charged by solar energy. Thus, you don’t need to change batteries again and again. It offers fairly large working distance up to 10 meters. The mouse delivers a high adjustable dpi of 2000 and is a best fit for gamers and office going persons. It consumes very less power and is actually an energy efficient mouse. It is available in black and white colour and weighs only 0.12kg. It is slim and compact in design too.

4. E40: $12.33


This is a unique mouse with an innovative design. This 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Tracking Vertical Mouse has an ergonomic vertical design that offers excellent holding position. It has a built-in USB rechargeable battery thus you don’t need to worry about charging your batteries again and again. It has embedded aggravating iron that delivers comfortable mouse experience. It also offers 1200DPI high resolution and it features an ultra-mini receiver for faster plug and play. Available in black colour, it is compatible with almost all major platforms including Mac OS. It weighs only 0.14kg.

5. A910 Foldable Mouse: $7.21

A910 Foldable Mouse

This mouse features one of the best design in wireless Optical Mouse category. This 2.4GHz mouse can easily be folded to save space and energy. It is equipped with a USB Nano receiver which allows it to become a portable mouse. It has got a curved upward design to maximize your productivity at work. It is easy to use and boasts off an automatic power off mode which saves a lot of energies. Available in four different colours, it offers a resolution of 1600DPI.

Wireless mouse is a great example of how technology can help us in saving efforts and time. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.