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The Beating Heart Of A Business? How Important Is Colocation Hosting?


Computer systems are usually at the heart of every business, and it’s what keeps it ticking. Without them, the business would soon disintegrate. For this reason, it’s really essential that every organisation cares for and nurtures its computer systems and servers so that it can get the best out of it. In order to do this, many organisations have taken to using colocation services. But what is this exactly, and how could it help your business?

What is colocation?

Colocation is basically the process of placing your computer servers in a professional data centre, where you have secure access to them. You lease space to store them, and connect to the ISP’s network and infrastructure.

Many businesses, especially small ones, won’t have the capacity or the resources to house their own data centre, so they take advantage of the many benefits to be gained by using an external data centre.

What does this mean for a business? The business still owns all of their physical hardware, software and servers, etc, but these are placed in a secure centre with all the latest security and infrastructure needed. Why use colocation services?

Cost savings

Using colocation hosting is much cheaper than if you tried to build your own in-house data centre.

Superior infrastructure

By placing your servers in a professional colocation centre you can take advantage of high quality infrastructure that you probably wouldn’t be able to purchase yourself. For small businesses, it can give them the same benefits that a large organisation would be able to obtain.


You still maintain control of your servers and hardware when using colocation hosting. Under a colocation agreement, you have complete access to your servers as and when you might need them.


Colocation services offer round the clock security, so that nobody else will gain access to your servers. You can also be rest assured that your systems are placed in an environment subject to rigorous controls and monitoring, such as temperature, humidity, back-ups, etc.

With expertise IT maintenance and infrastructure, servers are less likely to suffer from outages, problems or attacks, which can help sustain business continuity and latency issues. Efficient power generators and backup power will protect against any outages.

Better bandwidth

Professional colocation services can offer you more efficient, cheaper bandwidth capable of greater speeds, than if you were operating in-house. This can improve the service that you provide to your customers and increased productivity within your organisation.


Because servers are placed off site, it provides a flexible arrangement for an organisation if it decides to move business premises. There won’t be any disruption to computer systems and business continuity can carry on.

IT expertise

If you lack IT expertise within your organisation or don’t have the funds to employ a full-time member of staff to manage your IT operations, then there is the option to have your colocation provider manage and maintain the IT support you need. This gives you flexibility whilst ensuring your systems are getting the IT care they require.

Crispin Jones is a self-confessed super geek and works for CWCS. He writes about all things that even remotely related to tech. CWCS offer managed hosting solutions with an emphasis on support. Check out their recent post about the most expensive domains ever sold.