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Home Theatre Systems: A Look Ahead to What’s Coming in 2014

The idea of a home theatre system became popular over a decade ago. Right from the beginning, the Pioneer home theatre was composed of at least four parts: a DVD-player, a TV with a large screen, and a surround sound speaker. These systems quickly became the best friends of those tired of going to the cinema, and ever since, home theatre has allowed movie lovers to bring the amazing experience of the theatre into the comfort of their own home. Not only do home theatres make watching movies at home a lot more fun, but they also circumvent the need to purchase movie tickets. Each year these home alternatives to theatres became better and better, so let’s have a look at what you can expect in 2014.

The Bose Lifestyle 520 LS520SIIB Home Theatre System

This system comes in both black and white, managing to give its buyers options right from the start. Included in the package are four direct and reflecting speakers, a control console, an Acoustimass module, an audio calibration headset, and a centre channel speaker. The system can be connected to six sources of video, all of which can be handled with the universal remote control. Additionally, you can modify the sound to fit your room, regardless of its size or dimensions.

The Pioneer HTP323 5.1 Channel 3D Home Theatre System


This home theatre system from Pioneer allows its users to enjoy different types of entertainment, all in just one place. Go from watching movies, to playing videogames, to listening to your favourite music – just by pushing a few buttons. In addition to allowing its users the enjoyment of HD virtual 3D sound, it also helps them cut down expenses with its energy-saving settings.

The Panasonic SCHTB770GNS 300W Subwoofer-Equipped Home Theatre System

This system allows you to connect up to three video sources to its central hub. However, what makes it truly unique is the flexibility it allows its users to enjoy. It features a speaker unit that is detachable, and can be attached to a wall, or allowed to stand on its own. This unit will make viewers forget that the sound is coming out of the speaker, and not directly from the TV – providing for an immersive experience.

The LG BH6530TW Wireless Three-Dimensional Bluray Home Theatre

This home theatre gives complete flexibility, as its speakers are wireless. Hence, they can be moved anywhere around the room (as long as they are within range). In addition, the Bluray component allows for a viewer experience superior to the one given by a standard DVD.

The Samsung HTF9750W 3D Bluray Home Theatre System

This system features both practicality and a sleek appearance, making both a pleasure to both use and simply have in any room. Its Allshare component makes connecting devices a breeze, more so because it makes use of wireless-powered connections.

2014 is almost here, and home theatre systems have stepped up to the challenge of improving users’ experience by adding more and more wireless features, and making use of Bluray players. The sound experience also promises to be more immersive, as more and more companies are planning to enhance their audio systems. Overall, 2014 promises to bring more freedom to the user, mainly by allowing him or her the liberty of placing some components separate from the rest. If your home theatre hasn’t been updated in some time, any of these great systems would be a solid addition for movie lovers.