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Is Your Choice of Car Going to be the Death of You?

car safety gadgets

Cars today come in different models, sizes and safety features. But regardless of what type you choose, a top priority should be the vehicle’s safety components and technology.

With the millions of road accidents that occur worldwide each year which claim the lives of more than million people and injure many more, it pays to be particular about one’s safety. This is whether you’re driving in your locality, interstate or in other countries.

Having a brand new car does not even guarantee one will be saved in the event he or she meets an accident. For this reason, getting to know your vehicle right from the start is the best defense.
Installing additional safety gadgets can be of great help as well. There are plenty to choose from today.

Automatic App

The driving assistant app with GPS feature called Automatic is one of them. This app links your car to a smartphone via Bluetooth and keeps track of a driver’s habits. Its goal is to help the driver save on gas and ensure a safe and smooth journey for every trip. It is used by plugging the device into the car’s data port to monitor the vehicle’s onboard computer and then gives feedback about your driving skills.


For those who can’t resist texting while driving, there’s a new product that disables a car unless the driver’s phone is plugged into it. This device is installed in the car’s center console just below the radio and features a slot where the phone should be inserted. While there, the driver can only make or receive calls through Bluetooth and when the phone is removed while driving, an alarm is set off alerting a system administrator.

Find out from this infographic below the most dangerous cars on the road from the old times to the modern times and other negative features of certain brands.