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What’s the Best Influencer Search Tool in the Market?

What's the Best Influencer Search Tool in the Market?

It’s such an understatement to say that influencer marketing is one of the trendiest ways to reach out to the right audience. Even from the psychological perspective, influencer marketing makes the perfect sense. You are finding people who can possibly influence your target customer community and seeking a potential way of collaboration. That having said, it’s very difficult to find the best influencer for your needs.

Since there are so many social media/influential platforms, you may have trouble in narrowing down to five to ten people in the category. As it happens, however, this is where influencer search tools come in.

Influencer Search Tools are a centralized platform where brands find influencers and vice versa. And, you’ve to choose a search tool that gives you the best results in the long run. Today, we’d like you to meet one of the best influencer search tools in the market — InflueNex. In this article, we have a short review of this cool platform and how it helps brands in finding the right social media influencer for your next big campaign.

What Is InflueNex?

As said, InflueNex is a place where you can find the right social media influencer for your campaigns. It does not matter which category you are looking for — Tech, Gaming, People & Blogs, Entertainment or Travel — InflueNex has a huge collection of influencers you can depend on. But, InflueNex is not just about finding a right choice from 2 million influencer profiles but also managing your performance and other campaigns.

We hope your basics are cleared and now we will see what InflueNex is capable of.

What Makes InflueNex Unique?

Let’s have a quick look at the unique features that make InflueNex one of the best platforms to find the right influencer for your campaign.

  • Influencer Profiles: InflueNex brings a detailed profile of every influencer on the platform. This way, you will be able to track the performance of your proposed influencer and get the best results in the long run.
  • Advanced Search: There are several filters you can use while searching for influencers on InflueNex. You will be able to filter your results based on subscriber count, Influencer score and the overall rate of activity.

  • Influencer Management: InflueNex has a variety of tools to help you keep track and get in touch with the right influencers. You can start with a bulk email to everyone, but you can track every step of the process. This is great.
  • Campaign Management: Once you start an influencer campaign with InflueNex, there are quite a lot of things you get. First of all, you can track the performance of the campaign. There are even ways to see how your products are heard on YouTube and other platforms.

These features, along with a bunch of free tools like Free Subscriber Count Tracker and YouTube Analytics, do make InflueNex one of the best influencer campaign manager you can find.

How to Find the Perfect Influencer Using InflueNex?

Now, let’s see how this influencer search tool helps you find the right influencer for your campaign. As you’d have guessed already, the process is very simple to begin with.

First, you have to log onto, where you can access the InflueNex platform with ease. Even before you begin, it’s appreciated to create an account and log in as a Brand. This would give you an option to explore all the influencers with ease.

Now, you can see the search bar with a few filters below the bar. You can either search the keywords related to who you want to influence or provide the exact name of the YouTube channel. As you can see, a variety of filters like Category, Area, Language, Engagement Rate, Email etc. are available. Make the right choice and hit the Search button to proceed.

Depending on your search input, InflueNex would show you a list of influencer or just one YouTube channel, which is this case. The platform also shows you something called InflueNex Score, which gives an aggregate idea of whether you should use the platform for the campaign. The scoring system makes a lot of sense if it comes to shortlisting.

In the Profile page of InflueNex, you can have so much information about the channel, including the clearest statistics. For instance, you can analyze the current popularity, engagement statistics and even analyze the growth patterns of the particular channel. Some of these features are available in the paid version only. It’s to be noted that InflueNex also allows you to contact the influencer directly.

InflueNex also helps you in crafting email templates that you can use to ease the whole process. This easy is how it is to find the right influencer and contact them via InflueNex.

Reasons Why We Loved What’s the Best Influencer Search Tool in the Market?

Let’s have a look at some of the other reasons why we loved this influencer search tool a lot.

  • InflueNex is completely intuitive in that you have no trouble in navigation. You will be able to access all the features and other tools without any documentation. You spend less time on technicalities — thus focusing on influencers.

  • Additional tools such as YouTube Monetization Calculator, YouTube Video Analytics and Live Count of Subscribers etc. give you a clear idea about the influencer that you want to forget. At the end of the day, you will have to focus on the right ones only.

  • InflueNex also provides a variety of marketing material that you can use for keeping up the right set of stats. For instance, you can check out the most popular YouTube channels in your area to find out the right channels to invest in.

Last but not least, InflueNex has some of the most reasonable pricing plans as well. You end up paying for features that you really use.

The Bottom Line

With everything considered, InflueNex is the best way to find influencers and get in touch with them. It also offers a number of features that every brand would love. Be it filtering your options or finding out the actual worth of a YouTube channel, it makes sense to rely on InflueNex instead of simply browsing YouTube.