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Here’s How Your Mobile Video Editing Just Got a Lot Easier

Here’s how your mobile video editing just got a lot easier

Shooting and editing videos on the mobile phones: everyone does it and everyone loves it! And, it’s no wonder that the demand for processing and editing the fun travel or party videos for uploading on social media, sharing with friends, sending to families have been pretty high for the last couple of years. 

But, shooting and editing videos is more than just fun, regardless of whether you are a videographer, a social media influencer or just someone trying to share a nice video with his acquaintances. It is important for everyone to make sure that neither the picture quality nor the audio of the content suffers in the process of editing. You wouldn’t want visuals that look like the television of the fifties and audio that just doesn’t sync!

The issue doesn’t end here, as compatibility is also another factor that you need to consider. That HD video you have might not play on the windows, or the resolution of your video might make it unsuitable for Instagram. And, you are left with no other option than to look for a video converter.

Now, the thing is editing short videos can be done with almost any video editing app, but you need a desktop video editor for processing large videos. And, this is where VideoProc comes into the picture.

VideoProc: the one-stop solution for your video editing needs

If you are looking for a desktop video editor that can process your videos and get them edited exactly how you want, then VideoProc will certainly not disappoint you. It is a fast and easy way to edit and process your large videos, such as the ones you have in HD, 4k, 2.7k, or slow-mo. You can check free video editor review here to know more about the software.

Before proceeding any further with what this video editing software is all about, let’s get you informed quickly about the giveaway the company is hosting. You stand a chance to win a month of premium YouTube subscription, lifetime license of VideoProc with free upgrades, or win the brand new video editor of the brand for free. All you need to do is share your voice through a quick survey.

But, why should you choose VideoProc at all? Let’s find out!

Why choose VideoProc?

As mentioned earlier VideoProc is a pretty popular video editing software that lets you edit, convert, resize and adjust your 4k or large videos at completely accelerated speed. But, it is understandable if you are wondering what makes this a good idea for editing and processing your videos. Well, there are three main reasons why thousands of users have already resorted to VideoProc. Let’s look at those highlights of the software now:

1. Offers all kinds of options for your editing needs

The best part of VideoProc is the fact that it is more than a video editing software. It is more like your one-stop video processing tool, that can cut, trim, crop, rotate, split, speed up, slow down, stabilize, flip videos, and so on.

2. GPU acceleration for added speed in your work

GPU acceleration can remarkably speed up video decoding and encoding. It makes your video processing at least 47 times faster than the average and this boost in speed does not mean compromising video quality.

3. Constant updates provided by the company

The software gets constant updates to make sure that it remains compatible with all the new codecs such as UHD video 8k/4k and HEVC. The updates come for free and you need to pay zero after you have taken the paid subscription of the software once.

It is good that now there’s a giveaway as well where you can get the entire software package for free, along with other really cool prizes. So, you might just get the software without spending even a dime on it!

Summing up

Editing and processing your videos have been made really easy now with VideoProc. Regardless of whether you are a pro video editor or someone who is doing it for the first time, the seamless user interface and multiple easy-to-use features have got you covered. And, to get some added information in the matter, check out this video right below:–