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Some Important Must-to-Haves Software for New Laptop Owners 

Some Important Must-to-Haves Software for New Laptop Owners 

Statista reveals the ever-growing market of laptops and tablets in the world. In 2018, the complete turnover of the laptops and tablet market touched 251.3 billion U.S. dollars. Now, witnessing this amazing response, the researchers predict a profit growth of around 258.4 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2021. 

Call it for the sake of convenience or better portability, now, most of the professionals from the I.T. (Information technology) and share market are moving towards laptops in comparison to personal computers. This reveals the increasing demand of the present and future generations, expanding the vision and scope of laptops, MacBooks, and tablets in the market. 

Laptops – The Tomorrow of the Technology WorldSome Important Must-to-Haves Software for New Laptop Owners 

More than half of the computer users in the world say they would go for a laptop over a desktop system any day. Why? The major reason is convenience. The way professionals can carry laptops anywhere in a bag has turned into a need rather than just a luxury. From the robust functioning to sleek designs, there are countless reasons for people hopping over laptops than desktop systems. 

Probably, that’s why millions of people surf and buy laptops online every year. If you are someone who is about to or just bought a branded laptop or MacBook, here is something meaningful for you.

Some Important Software to tenfold your Laptop Usage Experience – Some Important Must-to-Haves Software for New Laptop Owners 

  1. Security essentials – Before you hop on your favorite online game or web series, it is necessary to safeguard your machine from any malware practice. Now, when talking about security, it is advisable to prefer an authentic antivirus software or Microsoft security essentials which tenfold your machine’s security. This software comes from a seal of trust by Microsoft, helps to detect and eradicate malware practices while keeping your laptop safe for always. This software is compatible with Windows XP and 7, whereas people with Windows 8 won’t be able to use it. Recently, Microsoft has launched Windows Defender for laptops with Windows 8 or above. This software can be used for personal or commercial purposes for FREE of cost. Besides keeping your laptop free from malware, it keeps a hawk’s eye on the laptop’s functioning and removes unusual file format automatically. If you have a MacBook, go for VirusBarrier Plus that detects Windows malware software or practices. 
  2. TeamViewer – Most of the I.T. professionals who have been avoiding TeamViewer for years, realized its importance during the lockdown. This pro software helped professionals remain intact and connected throughout the work from the home session this year (2020). Besides, its seamless and real-time remote connectivity between two systems, TeamViewer is highly preferred for its being compatible with both operating systems – Android and iOS. Yes, TeamViewer can be downloaded, installed and surfed on MacBooks. All you would need is to select the ‘remote control’ option before surfing TeamViewer on MacBook. 
  3. Widgets – There are countless widgets available for both other laptops and MacBooks. At once, you may not find it extremely important to download. But when it comes to viewing different time zones on one screen or checking important dates on a click, you realize its importance the most. Instead of rushing for any random widget software, look for the best calendar for Mac that displays your preferred date format. There are several widget apps or software which works as a one-stop solution for all. For instance – it can help you mark important dates, set a preferred date and time format, set reminders for important dates and upcoming events, etc. 
  4. Zapya – Sharing heavy documents or files via mail seems a daunting task. Either it takes hours or simply denies to upload and share heavy files. This makes Google Drives or Dropbox the first preference of most of us. But what if you run out of storage on these platforms. Well, then there is Zapya as your pro solution. It is one of the most preferred file-sharing software that works best for both operating systems – Android and iOS. Another best factor about Zapya is it allows the user to send or receive files even at low or average internet speed. Further, Zapya offers Wi-Fi hotspot options to provide internet connectivity to nearby devices. For this, you need to generate a unique hotspot password, enter it to streamline the internet on the device. Also, it creates backup files shared between two devices.
  5. Folder Lock – People holding sensitive information often look upon a reliable folder lock that safeguards their data to the best. When looking for a folder lock on Google Play Store or Apple Store, make sure to check reviews, authenticity, and overall functioning of the app or software. When searching for the best folder lock apps, you may get bombarded with countless options. Rather than randomly hopping on any app, it is advisable to prefer an app with good rating and reviews to avoid any malware activity. 
  6. Password Keeper Apps – It won’t be wrong to refer to such apps as your secret keeper. There are various password keeper software and apps available for both iOS and Android, including – KeePass, 1 Password, and much more. Whichever you choose, make sure to go for a reliable one. 
  7. PDF Creator – The word and other documents open differently, depending on your screen size, software, and M.S. office version. This results in encrypted files or folders. To get rid of it, look for a PDF creator that does not make any formatting changes. 

The Bottom Line – 

As more and more millennials are stepping into professionalism, the demand for laptops has risen to a huge extent. Some buy it for the sake of improving their online gaming passion, whereas others invest in a laptop to kick-start their career. Resulting, the market is flooded with different types of laptops suiting multiple purposes. If you are someone who just bought a laptop, it is advisable to secure and expand the abilities of your machine with some must-to-have software. In this regard, we have created a list of some necessary software for your convenience. Read, explore, download, and make the most out of your laptop user experience.