Converting VOB To MP4 Using Movavi Video Converter

Although VOB is not a format you may recognize instantly, it is actually used quite frequently – just normally within DVDs. As a format, VOB is able to not only store multiple video and audio streams, but also subtitles and DVD menus, which is what makes it different from many other formats.

On most computers you shouldn’t have much difficulty playing VOB video files, but the same can’t be said of mobile devices, set-top boxes and other platforms. As such if you’d like to be able to watch a VOB video on a wide range of devices, you should use Movavi Video Converter to switch it to a more universal format – like MP4.

How to Convert a VOB Video to MP4

Rest assured it is really very easy to convert a VOB video to MP4, and assuming your DVD is already in your computer’s drive you can go ahead and launch Movavi Video Converter to get started. On the interface you should click ‘Add Media’ then ‘Add DVD’ and select the ‘Open DVD’ option to add the DVD video files.

After the DVD video files appear in the working area, click on the ‘Video’ tab in the lower area of Movavi Video Converter’s interface. Under that section you should be able to find the ‘MP4’ category that will list several presets with different resolutions – and you can choose any one that you prefer. If you want to use the same resolution as the original DVD, click on the ‘Original Size’ option.

To save the video to a specific folder once it is converted, click on the ‘folder’ icon located to the right of the ‘Save to’ field. Once you’ve set that up, click ‘Convert’ and Movavi Video Converter will begin to convert VOB to MP4 and will open up the destination folder containing the video when it is dome.

As you may notice, the same steps can be used to convert videos between numerous different formats using Movavi Video Converter. On top of that it has built-in presets for various devices and platforms that you can use to simplify the conversion further.

In fact Movavi Video Converter is able to convert audio and image files too, which will open up other options that you could consider. With its help you could create animated GIFs out of video clips, grab screenshots, or extract and save the audio track from a video.

If you want you can edit and fix your videos as well using its features. Within Movavi Video Converter’s tools you’ll find options that allow you to improve the video quality, trim out unwanted footage, compress videos, resize the frame, and more.

Considering how easy Movavi Video Converter makes it to convert videos between formats, you should have no issues switching your VOB video files to MP4 – or any other format you require. With its other features you will find that you’re able to do a lot more than that too, all you need is to explore what it has to offer.