DU Speed Booster: Time to Clean your Smartphone

We have come to a point where we have a phone with 4GB of RAM and finger print scanner. No doubt, the smartphone technology is increasing at a tremendous speed but, there are few things which still haunts the smartphone, users. No matter, whether you have a phone with 1 GB of RAM or 4 GB of RAM, it starts slowing down as the number of apps in the phone increases. Open five six apps at the same time and the phone starts lagging.


Also, as long as a phone is new, it delivers excellent performance but, when cache and junk files start piling up, the performance is affected a lot. This also affects gaming performance, and if you are a heavy gamer, the chances are high that you are facing a serious lagging and stutter issues. There are many apps available on the Google Play Store that claims to increase the speed of the phone but, the only handful of them are actually worth trying. DU Speed Booster is one of the most popular speed booster app and probably the most downloaded and used cache cleaner in the world. The question is, is it really that good or is it just hype?

What is DU Speed Booster?

DU Speed Booster is an optimizer that is designed specially for Android. It also works as a cache cleaner, and it can easily boost your phone by up to 60%. It comes with an inbuilt antivirus, and it can work as apps task cleaner, storage analyser, RAM & speed booster and as a protector master for your Android Smartphone.


Key Features of DU Speed Booster:

DU Speed Booster is one of those apps which comes with a bundle of features. Few of its key features are:

  • Game Booster: This feature is especially dedicated to all the gamers out there as it completely makes the gaming experience lag and stutter free.
  • Speed Booster: Just click the optimization button and it will clean all the background processes and will kill the tasks that are using unwanted RAM.
  • You can boost the speed of your phone with a single touch as it comes with an easy boost option that can increase the speed of the phone up to 60%.


  • It also acts as a Junk file cleaner where it thoroughly scans the phone and then cleans each and every junk & cache file present on the device.
  • It can also automatically clean all the unwanted processes that works on the backend and can also clean all the unwanted files that remain hidden from the user.
  • Inbuilt Anti-Virus: DU Speed Booster can quickly scan all the apps and files on the phone to safeguard the device from all type soft virus and malware. It allows you to keep track on what an app requests all permissions during installation or usage.
  • There is also a feature of batch installation and uninstallation of Apps to keep the phone boosted and clean.


  • It supports over 10 languages and is used across the globe which proves the fact it is a genuine app to make your phone super-fast.

Our phones are getting smarter day by day and with advancement in technology, the day is not far when phones will have higher configuration than a laptop. The blend of DU Speed Booster and a powerful smartphone can result in an awesome phone experience. If you are looking for a way by which you can enjoy gaming as well as multitasking without any delay or lag, we will suggest you to download DU Speed Booster right now.