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Improve Your Writing Instantly With Grammarly

Are you a blogger/writer/web publisher?

Even if you have some good ideas to create a piece of content, it would not be enough. Yes, you need to be able to express those ideas in a precise manner to grab more eyeballs. What would have happened if your content contains some simple grammar and spelling mistakes? It would turn your readers off and let them skip your content without reading anything. If it happens in real, it will be an embarrassing moment for you, Isn’t it?

Leave the visitors! What about search engines? Would they like to give a better ranking for the flawed content? No, right? Popular search engines like Google & Yahoo are formulated in such a way to give first-class results for the information searchers. So, if your piece of writing with poor grammar will get low rankings that affect the overall grade of your blog/website.

So, what is the solution to generate error-free content? You might have tried some grammar checker software and proof-reader, but they couldn’t improve the quality of your writing by giving suggestions. You can check the grammatical errors using free grammar checker.

However, I have a quick solution that would let you learn the grammar rules and immediately enhance your writing skill! The quick solution is nothing but the “Grammarly”. I have been personally using this tool since last year, and now I can write in a better way. Let’s discuss the key points of Grammarly in this post that would let you to understand its ability.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an excellent automatic proofreader that gained the trust of more than 4 million writers. It checks for grammar, plagiarism, and spelling errors and grow your vocabulary by suggesting the best replacement words.


Work anywhere on the web, contextual proofreading, available if the form of browser extensions and Microsoft Office Add-on are some of its best features that make it stand unique. In simple words, Grammarly is a good grammar tutor helps us to improve our documents.

How Does Grammarly Works?

In general, proofreading software hasasmall database of technical words but Grammarly contains a huge database with more specific words to correct the mistakes in texting.

You need to Sign up with Grammarly to check for all types of English errors. If you need to check your content for grammatical and spelling errors, you may visit Grammarly and paste the text you created by clicking “New” or “Upload”.


Then, it will highlight the various types of mistakes (if any) like punctuation errors, plagiarized text, wordiness, confused word,  improper formatting& word usage, and much more faults in your content.

If you don’t want to visit the Grammarly Dashboard to proofread your content, you may get its browser extension that is available for free, and check your writing anywhere on the web. Yes! Once you installed the Grammarly extension, it appears in almost all places like Gmail, WordPress, Comment Section and Social Networks to monitor your writing.

Check the below image to understand how Grammarly highlighted the spelling and grammar mistake when I was about to tweet.


Grammarly underline the spelling mistakes with Red color and the grammatical errors with Green. If you hover the mouse on these mistakes, you will get suggestions from Grammarly to fix them as shown below.




Just click “Correct With Grammarly” option to see the suggestions and you may choose the optimal one to correct the mistakes.

If you choose the Premium plan of Grammarly, you’ll be able to install its Microsoft Office Add-in to eliminate the errors when you write on MS Word or Outlook. It supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 and Microsoft office 2007, 2010, 2013. Word document users will feel very relaxing with this feature as they can directly check the spelling & grammar errors without using the web browser. Have a look at the mistakes caught by Grammarly when I’ve written this post on Word document.


What Are The Best Features of Grammarly?

I want to summarize the salient features of Grammarly that assists us to write in a professional way.

  • Proofreads for 250 Advanced Grammar rules.
  • Easy to use software that helps us to learn the grammar rules with widespread description.
  • Enhances the vocabulary with context-optimized synonyms.
  • Ensures plagiarism-free text to stay away from Google penalties.
  • Performs contextual proofreading.
  • Provides synonyms of every word throughadouble
  • Contains advanced features than Microsoft Word and Jetpack WordPress plugin to check the spelling and grammar module.


Mistakes in written English will leave a bad impression on your readers. If you’re a non-native English speaker, then you should be aware of your grammatical errors and typos to avoid losing credibility. To do so, Grammarly comes handy for you. It not only finds the faults in your English writing but also explains the type of error with description and examples.

I would say that the Grammarly is all-in-one tool to improve your writing skills. If you’ve started to use this web proofreading app, I’m sure that you’ll notice a significant improvement in writing.

What is your opinion about this dedicated tool for writing purposes? Leave your wonderful insights in the comment section.