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You Tube is Planning to Launch Paid Videos

youtube going paid

If every thing goes well, then Google in the later part of the year will soon be having paid video channels on YouTube. According to reports from Reuters, the move is indeed regarded to be a remarkable one and it is all set to boost the revenue as well.

As per the reports which are coming from AdAge, YouTube is getting in touch with various video producers in order to help them submit the applications which will make way for the creation of pay channels. The news which is doing the rounds is that the users will be armed with such facility in the second quarter. It is expected that they have to pay between $1 and $ 5 on monthly basis as subscription fees. The channels will have the luxury to show ads as well.

Needless to say, that YouTube has gained increasing popularity since it houses possibly the largest number of amateur as well as self shot videos. It is equally all set to establish its foot in paid video programs.

Salar Kamangar, CEO of YouTube told Reuters that the step was necessitated due to strong demand from increasing number of YouTube video producers who wanted to offer fee-based programs. Kamangar further spoke that the move gained further necessity owing to the fact that producers had a large audience. Hence, it was necessary to segment them by their payment amount. The step is touted to be as an experiment and it promises to yield increasing profits in the time to come.

Kamangar was quite moved while presiding at the meeting of Reuters Media and Technology Summit which was held in June last year. He realized the immense potential as there was a great craze from even those networks which cater to the viewership of smaller audiences on cable. Needless to say, that YouTube is all set to take giant step with great gusto.

Furthermore, the company is also looking towards the aspect of charging for live concerts which has even greater potential of gaining increasing craze. Similarly, if the things fall in place, it is equally going to charge for libraries of older episodes as well.

Although, it is premature to comment on the specific numbers of channels which will a part of the first paid subscription rollout, yet media companies owing to their immense craze and large following are going to be a source of great assistance for YouTube.

Current partners of YouTube are advised to have a closer introspection towards the reaction of existing partners. After all, it has taken years of hard work towards building base of free subscribers.

The latest news which is doing the rounds is that as early as April, YouTube will be successful towards launching paid subscriptions for dozens of channels. Hence, it is just a matter of time before a new chapter in online video is going to make its effective beginning.