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Twitter Now Lets You Download Your Tweet Archive

download tweet archive

Remember Twitter’s promise to let users download a full archive of their tweets? Well, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo again went over his promise; the said feature is nearing completion.  However, the changes will be released in waves and will not be immediately felt by every user.

Lucky for Twitter User Navjot Singh, the option to request downloading the archived file is now ready for him. Here’s a screenshot of the Tweet:


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Yes, there’s that proof of the option. And like Facebook’s similar feature, we’ll have to wait for that e-mail until it’s ready. Gathering posts, messages, photos, and videos really does take up that much time, huh?

The task on hand is not an easy walk in the park. Apparently, Twitter’s CEO is aiming for a close to impossible feat under the pressure of unavoidable time constraints therefore putting extra strain and pressure to engineers working on the. Especially with the recent reiteration of that promise, those directly involved with this update may be rolling their eyes wishing their CEOs would stop making promises which has indeterminable outcomes.

But then again, why should we want to keep archived sets of our personal Tweets? What use do we have for these copies?  Indeed there are many possibilities especially with technology knowing limitless bounds. Here are some of the reasons that such a feature can be a benefit to us users:

Track Your Progress

It’s a fun way to see check your social media’s progress. Think about it, ever since we joined Twitter, we’ve been posting much random stuff- mostly useful while some are not. But its purpose isn’t what matters in this case. It’s what and how we write about. Over the years, you can clearly see your growth and maturity and having to read archived posts may be a fun way to look back.

It Serves As a Remembrance

Remember that Tweet you posted about Justin Bieber years ago? Well, neither do I. It’s hard to keep track of each tweet since I joined Twitter. This is how archiving your personal data helps. So once the feature has been rolled out to every user, we can simply find our own. Imagine after a decade, it’ll be very entertaining to reminisce over personal archives full of Twitter goodness. Or even show it to your future children for extra bragging rights reward.

Well, there are a lot more functions that this nifty feature can serve. Who knows? People may use it for evidence or logs. Whatever it may be, Twitter has something good in stored for us. Kudos to Dick Costolo and the engineers to commend their outstanding effortsthey’ve put into this project. It’s data portability in today’s mobile world. Enough said.