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Secrets To Becoming A Successful Guest Blogger

So say you’re a small entrepreneur and you’ve already discovered the many benefits that guest blogging can bring to your business (good on you!) and have made a few initial attempts. And yet you feel that you haven’t gotten a proper hang of things or that you sense that you haven’t maximized the full potentials of guest blogging. Fear not. The mere fact that you’ve taken those first steps, small as they may be, means that you are off to a very good start!

Before we continue, allow us to say that guest blogging is not at all that difficult and there shouldn’t be any reason for it to be so.  All it takes are certain strategies and techniques that are straightforward and easy to adopt for even the newbie practitioner or a fledgling businessman such as yourself.

And to save you from all the guesswork and anxiety, we have gathered here for you some pertinent secrets to becoming a successful guest blogger from someone who would know it best: Mikhail Tuknov, President of Internet marketing company

Turkov shares that a guest blog is actually a team effort, and that it would take at least two people to accomplish one effectively. He suggests that you work with one other person and in some cases, even two or three others. So teamwork and the ability to work with others is a skill that’s important to cultivate.

Research is an especially important aspect of guest blogging, he says. If it is your first time guest blogging, you will first have to determine the niches you will want to write in, look for blogs that fit those niches, and to determine the tone and quality of the posts on your target site.

One must not forget to track your guest blog posts too. Once you’ve built your network and your name is already out there, keep a record of all your guest blog posts and include the comments, the number shares of and reach, in order to serve as a guide in how you should compose your subsequent posts.

An eye-catching title can really sell a guest blog post. Desiring to make a good impression is often dependent on the title of your post. So when pitching your guest blog post, Tukov recommends a catchy headline that would make people want to click on the post and read the rest of the article. Many site owners will actually use the title as the sole basis for accepting or rejecting a guest blog post so it’s pays to stay cognizant of this.

Your work isn’t done just because your guest blog post has been accepted, Turkov reminds. In fact, the actual work begins after your guest blog post has been accepted. It is essential to make the experience as beneficial as possible for everyone concerned. After the post has gone live, you must be proactive in actively commenting on the blog, promoting it on your e-mail list, and announcing it through social media channels.

After all is said and done, and after you’ve taken these steps to heart, there’s one other thing that Mikhail Tuknow wishes to impart: don’t forget to leave a thank you note to your guest blog host. They’ll definitely appreciate it.