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6 Examples Of Charities Doing A Great Job On Instagram

Pictures speak louder than words. Beautiful images capture attention like nothing else. Well, Instagram has been around for a few years now and has succeeded in reaching out to the target audience in an exemplary manner. The visual storytelling option has generated interest even with the naysayers compelled to comment.

Charitable trusts and non-profit organizations have found this medium to be appropriate while trying to capture attention. Sure, you would have to check out the possibilities and learn the best way to utilize the power of Instagram before posting content. The time will be well-spent as it will get you the results. Not convinced? No worries! 

Here are a few charities and organizations that have created awareness with Instagram. You can do the same too. Go through each of the examples below to see how they’ve made a difference!


The organization dedicated to animal welfare has succeeded in making humans face the truth. Cruelty to animals is a strict no-no, and PETA’s objectives have won acclaim from all quarters of the world. Its Instagram account does not include cute and cuddly cat videos or the adoring eyes of a pet looking at its owner. Instead, the instances of animal abuse are made public to provoke a feeling of dismay and shame. 

Adding a single line of text to a photograph has been most effective. Indeed, it has made people turn to veganism as they are reluctant to eat animal flesh now. Fur and leather are not being used by the top celebs who have sided with creatures that inhabit the earth. Instagram has brought out the facts to create awareness about how we, the people, do not think twice about being deliberately cruel to helpless creatures, big and small. Donations have been more forthcoming than ever. Thanks to Instagram with its fundraising endeavors hailed worldwide. 

Doctors without Borders

Health is indeed wealth! This simple truth has been kept back from people who live in the remotest places of the world. It was “Doctors without Borders” that succeeded in bringing stories of neglect and abuse out in the open, earning empathy like no other. It is heartening to see how fellow humans live without access to drinking water, food, and standard health care.

The Instagram account of this organization has highlighted the plight of sick and helpless people. Compassion for humans has been reinforced and how. It was Instagram that did the trick perfectly!


Man does not live on bread alone! This fact was emphasized by “The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).” It showcases examples of contemporary art that forces you to think and contemplate humanity and the world.

From young to old and every age in between, the rendition of art depicted most uniquely is displayed on its Instagram account. With interesting snippets and photographs/paintings presented perfectly, Instagram has had a steady influence on Art lovers. MoMa does receive unwavering support from individuals and foundations alike. 

Charity: Water

Hydration is the key to good health. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of how the other half lives with no access to clean, purified drinking water. This charitable organization brings clean water to thousands of people across the world. The developing countries have succeeded in improving the health of their citizens thanks to the generous donations offered by well-meaning, compassionate individuals who lead a privileged life. The photographs on Instagram tell a heart-wrenching story, and the sheer joy evident on the faces of being able to drink a glass of water does touch a chord in every viewer.

The goal of addressing the lack of drinking water in a global scene is a commendable one. Instagram has played a significant role in creating awareness amongst people living in developed countries who have no idea how young children are being affected for want of a glass of water. Every single dollar provided by the generosity of donors is tracked with Instagram photographs revealing the success of the program. This ‘open book’ approach and full transparency of its operations have ignited a passion in people that remains unparalleled. 

WE Charity

With over 25 years of empowering youth to raise their voices and make a difference, WE Charity’s use of social media has propelled their efforts to millions of people in need, while also increasing their reach and awareness in the process.

Through the use of social media, WE Charity has reached more than 3 million users — mostly on their Instagram and Facebook social profile pages. Through these outlets, the organization can keep all of their supporters, volunteers and audiences updated on their latest news and global efforts.

National Geographic

Your mind goes back to nature and beautiful, wild animals as well as the unique destinations that can soothe a troubled soul. Yes! That’s National Geographic for you. Learning has never been more fun! Yet, the wonderful organization that functions on non-profit endeavors. It remains one of the most popular trusts worldwide with no individual having the power to doubt its credentials.

Did you know that it has hit the 100 million mark as the number of its Instagram followers expanded, paling other charities considerably? Its authenticity and popularity were never in doubt, but its social media presence has added to its impact making its purpose come true in every sense of the word. 

Taking Advantage of What Social Media has to Offer

As you can see from each of the examples above, social media is playing a huge role in the way organizations and charities are improving their reach and efforts in the world today. What’s also amazing is how social media helps in the recruitments, volunteering and resources departments as well.

No matter how big or small your charitable efforts might be, it’s important to make sure you are using social media along the way.