Mobile Phones

Rise of the Indian Mobile Industry

The slackening fiscal regulations in India over the past decade have resulted in maximizing job opportunities in the Indian mobile industry. Thankfully the government realized that mobile phones are more than necessity for the progress of the Indian economy. Resulting an influx in the mobile jobs especially in the metros. Major foreign investors (mobile giants) have played the role of catalyst in this poignant growth in the mobile industry. Recruitment in Delhi alone has shown a massive upswing in recent years, closely followed by Mumbai and Kolkata At the same time various Indian players have also made some ground breaking progress and turned over major revenue for the nation.

The ever prospering mobile industry has created some lucrative job opportunities for individuals. The best part is that, the opportunities are not stagnant in nature. They are diverse and skillset oriented. From college freshers to experienced professionals, there is every reason for them to rejoice. There is a job for one and all!  Just like any other industry even the mobile industry capitalizes on engineering and marketing strategies. Thus the opportunities are amply diverse. Both in the private/public sector as well as Government the demand of skilled individuals is ever ascending. BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is the government’s home bred brand which has hired plenty of resources in almost all segments of the industry namely Communication, Design, Management and Marketing. On the other hand public sector giants like Bharti (Airtel), Vodafone Essar, TCS, Siemens Communications and Tata Elxsi have focused for opportunities in metros.

There is no denial in the fact that metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai is the face of the nation. Not only the major talent pool and skillful resources could be found there. At the same time the customer base consists of not only mobile cellular services. Mobile operator’s horizon expands to various value added services as well. This proves to be counterproductive for the workforce of the metro cities as they get to explore varied career opportunities. To meet the demand of the growing market companies need to hire skilled resources. Some of the most popular jobs today are that of Telecom Engineer, User Interface Designer, Telecom Planner and Communication Executives. Both on the field jobs and “Jobs @ Desk” are available in plenty. And there is a positive career progression with the mobile industry jobs. As no matter who you are a mobile phone is indispensable for you and more subscribers are getting added to the roles of the operators every day. Thus from new handsets to connections everything is invariably dependent on the skillsets of the recruited professionals.

From a Job seekers perspective

There is no substitute to usable knowledge. Nowadays various educational and training institutes offer certifications and courses designed for the mobile industry requirements.  They make you industry ready by imparting practical knowledge with hands-on experience and training sessions which prove to be beneficiary in the long run.

The revolution in the mobile industry has made a positive impact to the work force of the metros. Job security and career progression is what the mobile industry seamlessly offers you. Further to that there is a cut throat competition which keeps you motivated to deliver the best. Future of the mobile industry in India is extremely positive and the metros are a gateway to success.