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Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Screen Replacement Cost!

If you own an iPhone, iPhone screen replacement cost is certainly one of the most crucial aspects you must be aware about. Doesn’t matter if the phone has just experienced a normal crack or the whole screen has shattered, you are now required to replace the whole screen altogether. Even though there have been instances where the iPhone is functioning quite fine even after getting a broken screen, you may not want to use it with that ugly appearance for sure. This is where you must have a fair idea about ‘How much an iPhone screen replacement cost’ in your respective city or region. 

iPhone screen replacement cost in the USA

You can have a better picture of the iPhone screen replacement cost by looking at the below mentioned table. Please note that the pricing chart is only applicable for the screen damage issues. Hence, you may need to bear some additional cost including the following in case your iPhone is experiencing some other issues apart from screen damage.

iPhone Service Cost

iPhone model Screen repair (AppleCare+ coverage) Screen repair (out of warranty)nty)
iPhone XS Max $ 29 $ 329
iPhone XS $ 29 $ 279
iPhone XR $ 29 $ 199
iPhone X $ 29 $ 279
iPhone 8 Plus,
iPhone 7 Plus
$ 29 $ 169
iPhone 8,
iPhone 7
$ 29 $ 149
iPhone 6s Plus $ 29 $ 169
iPhone 6s $ 29 $ 149
iPhone 6 Plus $ 29 $ 149
iPhone 6 $ 29 $ 129
iPhone SE, iPhone 5s,
iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
$ 29 $ 129
iPhone 4s See out-of-warranty fee $ 199

Please note: The above mentioned pricing chart is subject to change in case of a revision in charges by Apple 

How to deal with a broken iPhone screen issue?

Broken screen often comes as a pain and you suddenly got to find out the best shop or service centre in the market to get the best solution in the same regards. This is where you got be a bit smart and look for the bets iPhone screen replacement workshop .You must also be aware ,that if your iPhone is in warranty period, it’s not feasible to get it repaired from any unauthorized store as that way you will be directly or indirectly breaching terms and conditions associated with Apple’s warranty.

On the other side, if your iPhone is out of warranty and you are looking for the best iPhone screen replacement cost workshop, there are certain points which you must keep in mind before making the right pick. 

  • Is the store offering any assurity against data theft?

Apart from the iPhone screen replacement cost, this aspect comes as a major point to ponder about. You may come over as someone who doesn’t have any knowledge about the security features in your iPhone and this is where you got be a bit more cautious. Your iPhone is like a bank locker which may contain loads of personal and professional details and the workshop which is repairing your iPhone must guarantee you about any theft for the same data. 

  • Do check with an authorised iPhone Service centre first!

You have shelled out a fortune to get that best iPhone from the market and you would surely not like to fall for a cheap and incompetent service workshop which may cause any further damage to your iPhone. Hence, it’s always good to check out with the authorised Apple service centres within your vicinity before reaching out to the unauthorised ones. Get the quotes from them in regards to the iPhone screen replacement cost and decide accordingly. 

  • Check out the reviews and ratings

It’s always good to check out the ratings and reviews of the iPhone screen replacement workshop you are dealing with, before striking a deal. This will majorly help you to avoid all the fake and misleading workshops to further bring you the best deal forward.

Bottom line

Getting the best deal on iPhone screen replacement cost is no joke and you got to be really smart to fetch the best solution forward. Hence, you must read out the above mentioned points before getting on board with any of the authorised or unauthorised iPhone service centres.