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Make The Galaxy Yours

Now that the Galaxy S7 has been hailed as the best smartphone of 2016, there’s only so much time before it becomes an incredibly popular phone. Samsung is already reporting a record amount of pre-orders. It’s only a matter of months before you’ll see the S7 everywhere. Like the iPhone 6s, it will be ubiquitous, in the hands of your neighbours, friends, and family. But when so many people have the exact same phone as you, it’s hard to be unique. If you want to stand out from the crowd – while still owning the most popular Android of the year – you’re going to have to customize with a vinyl skin.


Why vinyl?

This particular material can take on different colors and textures that aren’t normally offered in smartphones. Instead of the blacks, greys, and whites that tend to be the basic coloring for every single cell phone – not just the S7 – skins come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors like red, yellow, magenta, and green. They also differ from the boring aluminum, plastic, or glass that make up smartphones. With options of carbon fiber, leather, and wood, you can truly make your S7 different from the status quo.

The best skin for your Galaxy S7 will look different from anyone else’s, so take the time to customize a totally unique design. Whether or not you go for bright pink carbon fiber or mellow mahogany, you’ll want to keep a few important features in mind. Regardless of the pattern you choose, your S7 skin needs to be made from precision cut 3M vinyl.

Why 3M specifically?

Genuine 3M vinyl is a superior material that doesn’t rely on sticky adhesives to create an air-tight seal on your S7. You can peel off your chosen S7 skin, and it won’t leave behind residue that completely ruins the look and feel of the phone. This also means you can easily change up your look by applying a totally new S7 skin without worrying about how it will fit over gluey leave-behinds. It will wrap around your S7 as well as the first one did.

3M vinyl will also keep your phone protected. It stops scratches, scuffs, and other damages marking up your phone so your S7 will remain in mint condition months after you’ve bought it. It’s also a grime-free material that doesn’t smudge like the S7’s original glass backing.


What’s so important about fit?

Next to style, it’s your number one concern because an ill-fitting skin has the potential to cause problems. When it’s too small, it won’t provide full coverage and leave parts of your phone unprotected and unstyled. Too large and the skin will overhang where it could catch on things. Even a skin that can’t offer an exact fit (within a micro-millimeter) isn’t worth the money, as these S7 skins will cover up important design features of the phone.

Cool skin designs are a great way to stand out from the crowd, but don’t let your need to be unique overshadow your common sense. Make sure the S7 skin you choose is made out of precision cut 3M vinyl, and you’ll have a Galaxy phone that’s as protected as it is one of a kind.