Recover Data from Hard Drives with Easy Using Hetman Software

Never want to lose one of your important files or documents from the media it’s stored on? Then keeping a powerful recovery tool handy is recommended as you’ll need to apply this solution immediately after data loss situations strikes. Hetman Partition recovery is yet another useful utility to meet all your data recovery needs to fight well against data loss situation from hard drive, memory card, compact flash drive, USB etc.


Files deleted from the storage device weren’t permanently deleted. Instead, it’ll continue to exist till it’s get overwritten either due to reformatting or saving other data to the same location. File system or the Windows partition could also be responsible in overwriting of deleted files as it’ll continue to update the registry information or update system files in the background. It’s advisable to install this software on different system or connect the problem drive externally to perform scanning and recovery procedure.

Benefits of using Hetman software

Data Recovery is a steady process and any wrong deeds could cause more trouble instead. You can take reap benefits of using this tool and easily recover any or all the lost, deleted and formatted files exactly in the state it was deleted before. Learn the benefits of using Hetman software from the features described below:

Preview before actual recovery

This is one of the most common yet useful feature you may find in most recovery tools. However, Hetman offers appealing pre-recovery preview and HEX editor which makes it unique and different from the rest. You may able to see preview of deleted files like photos, word or power point documents etc. exactly as you see it in relevant explorer interface.


Quick and Deep Analysis of problem drives

Hetman software offers extensive technique to deeply scan your problem media device and recover heavily damaged or deleted files.  You can perform quick recovery to safely recover deleted files. However, if that didn’t seems helpful, you can try File analysis method to successfully scans media device thoroughly and perform sector by sector recovery.


100% secured and special precaution to prevent files overwriting

Software follows strict mechanism to not overwrite the deleted files even when you are recovering another files. It’ll also ensures that every recovered files were completely accessible and usable after recovery.

Hetman software offers even more safety in recovering files from corrupt or logically damaged drives that are no longer accessible. It’ll help you recover stored files, completely untouched and safe to access.

About Hetman Partition Recovery 2.1

Hetman software is uniquely designed to perform flawless and fast recovery from various storage media device and file system including FAT, NTFS and NTFS5 volumes. Software supports recovery from the latest Windows OS including XP/ 2003 or 2008 server/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and tested on recently introduced developer version of Windows 10.

The best part is, Hetman software lets you save the recovered data in compressed or zip file format to save extra disk space. Various other alternatives were also available like saving data to FTP server, burning it to CD or DVD, create ISO image files etc. You can also use different removable storage devices such as USB, Flash Drive, Network attached storage (NAS) devices, memory card etc. to save recovered files and folder.

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