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How to get Rid of Ghost Followers?

Ghost followers are basically the accounts on Instagram who follow you but do not engage with any of your content. There could be two reasons for it, either the account was fake or the user has stopped using Instagram. However, if you are willing to increase your brand visibility and start increasing the interaction, then you should start removing the ghost accounts from your followers’ list. It is very disheartening when you don’t get the desired results and removing these accounts can solve the issue to a long extent.

Who are Ghost Followers?

To put it simply, these are the inactive accounts. They don’t engage with any of your posts or content. It is the increase in the number of followers. You can also buy Instagram followers for that matter but it is not always guaranteed that you will get active users.

Is it Good to Remove Inactive Accounts?

Too many modern-day users, it is not a problem for them to keep the inactive users. They are not just interacting with the posts but they are increasing the number of followers on Instagram which at the end of the day matters a lot. Many big accounts and brands buy Instagram followers to highlight their account as popular. Most of these followers are spam accounts or bots.

Concerns with Ghost Followers

If you feel that the inactive accounts are useless and it harming your Instagram strategy, then you should straightaway start wiping them out. Instagrammers and marketers these days are really careful about the accounts that are following them. It is not just the high number of followers attract the customers but brands need to associate with the influencers for the marketing. In this case, post engagement statistics are quite important and users who are active are going to lend their hand in the results.

Ghost followers can be harmful as far as the post engagement rate is concerned. The good marketers should be aware of the ghost followers and control them as much as possible. According to studies, users on Instagram interacts with just thirty percent posts while the rest of the posts go unobserved. With the non-chronological order, it becomes important to have a high engagement rate which is likely to be placed at top of the feed of the user.

Considering these factors, it is complete nuisance to have ghost followers in the account. They should be eliminated at the earliest for brand’s success. If the engagement rate is low, then there are chances that your strategy would fail and you would not be able to get the desired outcomes.

How to Remove Ghost Accounts?

It is very easy to clean the Instagram followers. If the number of followers is not so much, then there is no need to contact Instagram cleaning service and you can easily do it. Go to the profile of the suspicious account and check their profile and feed. It would give you a fair idea about the activity of that account. In case, there are many followers which you need to get rid of, then there are various services available which can assist you in the process.