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How Can A Local Data Partner Help With File Sharing To China?

If you have ever attempted to transfer data or files through a system based within the People’s Republic of China, then you will know that there are many restrictions on this. From common issues businesses and individuals come across when sharing data with China to why they occur and how you can resolve these issues, we cover it all.

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The Great Firewall of China: The Restrictions Explained

The Chinese government is very strict about internet use within its territory and a number of foreign websites are blocked in order to prevent threats to security, which could cause disruption to Chinese systems or their users.

This censorship means that many popular file sharing or cloud storage hosting services cannot be accessed. Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are just a few of the applications which do not work in China.

The Great Firewall of China

(You can see a full list of high-domain sites that China blocks on Wikipedia.)

Even large global data file transfers are not immune to vetting and, when combined with China’s unhurried data rates and congested band waves, can be slow and unreliable.

Solutions to the Restrictions

A local data partner, like Maytech, could be a successful solution.

Here sFTP file transfers replicate remote folders to help speed up the process of accessing files and download times. Not only does this help streamline your processes, but it ensures that your data remains private and secure.

Local data centres have access to Chinese telecom carriers through proxy servers, which can also play a huge part in speeding up services. And with fibre optic networks, a local data centre will have direct regional links for FTP and SFTP transfers across Asia.

Solutions to the Restrictions

Future Firewall Restrictions

On 25th March 2016, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) published a new report on the administration of internet domain names which could introduce further scrutiny. Although the Chinese internet would not block all websites from elsewhere in the world if these new changes were implemented, it does appear that censorship will continue to be high.

If you would like to learn more about local data centers for file sharing with China, read about Maytech’s solutions here. Maytech’s solutions are used by over 60 industries in 35 countries and with a data centre in Hong Kong, Maytech makes information sharing with China quick and easy.