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How To Create a Prototype Online In Under 10 Mins

UX designing is a very difficult task for some people. Clients often demand to see a prototype before kick-starting the development phase. But don’t let the absence of necessary foundation knowledge on the subject break your confidence. There are many instances where a UX UI designer needs to create a prototype to share with clients. And this can be time-consuming as well as a costly affair. 

How to Create a Prototype When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time to Spare?

We’re going to tell you how you can create a prototype online in under 10 mins! That’s no joke. Many online tools like Wondershare Mockitt empowers users to produce prototypes as fast as under 10 minutes. We’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to create an online prototype using Mockitt. You want to read till the end, as this is a free method to create UI UX designs. Let’s dive into the details.

Why Should You Create a Prototype Online?

The one thing almost everyone loves about the internet is that a lot of digital assets online are free! Simply put, as a designer, you don’t have to worry about spending too much to hire a graphics designer. You might not even have to hire one in the first place! And that’s made possible by free online prototyping tools like Mockitt.

What is Wondershare Mockitt?

Mockitt allows users to scale their design thinking and create stunning visual prototypes. Mockitt is a free version of the design prototyping and wireframe creation tool by Wondershare. As it comes from a trusted SaaS product company, the features offered are unbeatable. These prototypes have the potential to engage clients and hence customers in turn!

Why Should You Use Mockitt for Creating Prototypes For Your Next Project?

Mockitt offers to its users a plethora of hard-to-miss features. Apart from hosting a free version, the design tool also saves project management and designers’ time investments. Here’s a brief overview of how and why Mockitt will be both a time and money saver for your company:

  • Free to Get Started

All you need to do is sign up on the website, and you can start creating your prototypes and app/website designs in a jiffy! (We’ll cover the entire process ahead).

  • Easy to Start Your Project

Simply pick your project canvas or select from templates

  • No Coding Required!

That’s right, using Mockitt is convenient and you don’t have to worry about writing lines of codes. Leave the difficult task on us, while you create breath-taking visual designs.

  • Endless Library of Design Elements

Add life to your project, and it is easily accessible in the design library. Get over hundreds of widgets, icons, buttons in all shapes.

  • Add Animations Like a Pro.

Link all widgets and animate screen links like professional designers!

  • Highly Customizable

It’s your design, and you have full control over the look and feel of the project. Make endless design customization and as many iterations as your life.

  • Swift Preview Options

Wrap up your design masterpiece and share it with clients of the internal team with the click of a button. Get offline preview option as well as presentation mode usage liberty.

  • Real-Time Team Collaboration

Work with other team members creatively and simultaneously with advanced collaboration tools. Add comments, share notes, all in one place!

  • Advanced Animations Support

Import your Sketch files or make use of the design library. Make prototypes of all levels in one tool.

  • Developer-Friendly

The design team can easily share code files and design snippets for further development.

Step- By-Step Tutorial On How To Create Prototype Online in Under 10 Mins Using Mockitt

Mockitt makes app prototyping easy. With the help of this tutorial let’s learn how you can make a stunning app prototype quickly and hand it off to the development team or clients for review.

Step 1 Open Mockitt

Head over to the Mockitt official webpage. Sign in or you can create a free new account.

Step 2 Create a New Project

Upon successful registration or login, you will be able to view the welcome screen. Now the fun part begins! Click on a new project to create a new project and give it a name. 

Step 3 Adding Screens

Furthermore, click on add screen to add a new screen to your canvas. This step would add a new screen to your prototype. You can repeat this step to add a suitable number of screens to your prototype project. 

Step 3 Add widgets

Now it’s time to add interactive design elements to your canvas. On the right side of the editing area, you will get an option to add widgets. From here, you can choose these widgets from the material panel of the screen. You can choose from “built-in widgets”, “my widgets”, “icons” and “master”. 

Step 4 Customize Your Widgets

From size, background image to color, you can change the appearance of widgets. This option is available on the settings panel on the right side of the project screen.

Step 5 Add Interactive Links

You can finally link your widgets using the lightning symbol. Simply select a widget and drag a link to jump to the screen you desire to link to.  

After this, click on add event to add animations. Finally, set the link trigger for animation and duration. Repeat these steps until all design elements have been included in your project screens.

Step 6 Preview and Share Your App Design

Now that you have made your app prototype and are satisfied with it, it’s time to share it ahead. You can simply download the HTML file to use the “hand-off” mode. 

After that, select a component to view. Alternatively, you can copy the style code corresponding to the component in the annotation information panel.

And that is it! You’re good to go.

A Quick Recap

You don’t need coding experience or hold a design degree to make an app prototype design. For creating a prototype you just need the perfect online tool with a magical wand- and that’s Mockitt! With Mockitt, you can create addictive design wireframes and share it with clients without any hassles! Try the Wondershare Mockitt design tool free version today!