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Demonstration Is Better Than Marketing

We live in the digital age and there is no denying that fact. Everything we do revolves around technology and its boundaries. What people often forget is that Software’s are the backbones of technology, without them, we would have hardware that we could not do anything with. In fact, computers were developed in the late 1940s. Yet computers did not become popular with the public sector until the late 1980s, this is when software’s and operating systems started to become popular.


Today, tech startups are the most common types of startups and all of them generally focus around software’s instead of hardware. It is hard to market a software without showing what it can actually do. This was somewhat remedied by screen shots and descriptions of the software, but it still does not capture the complete essence of the software/application.

This is where Movavi Screen Capture Studio can be extremely helpful in demonstrating and displaying the full power of a software. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a screen recorder that can record whatever is happening on your screen/display and save it for later use. You have full control of what areas of the screen you want recorded and a bunch of editing tools as well.


You can use this tool to create a full blown demonstration of your software. This is a much better way to market a software, as the potential users/clients can experience first hand what a software is capable of and if it will fit their needs. It also ensures that there is no misunderstanding of the potential and abilities of the software. Often stand alone screen shots and descriptions are misleading and are often misinterpreted by the potential clients and users. This technique ensures that your clients and users are completely informed about what they are getting into.

Not only does this tool have to be used to demonstrate the software at hand, but can be used in various different manners as well. One of the most remarkable ways that it can be used is for creating tutorials for new clients and users. Generally, whenever a new software is made, a lot of time goes into teaching those who use this software, about the ins and outs of said software. Whereas, a video guide on how to operate and use all of the functions and features of the software can be a great tool.


This would also show clients and users how much time and thought you have put into this app and its development. This directly makes the potential clients feel like this software is an exceptional one, because of all the effort that has been put into making all these videos and marketing as well.

Not only does this type of demonstration lift any room for misinterpretation, but also promotes the company as an extremely well organized and detail oriented enterprise. That can be a major factor for a boost in the company’s overall image as well, which in turn would result in higher sales and recognition of the software.