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Super Bowl Halftime Show? What About That Digital Performance?

Digital performance spiked across the board during and after the Super Bowl. Between surprise tour announcements and cute puppies, digital analysts took note of telling trends during the nation’s largest sporting event. Here’s what they learned.

1. Bull’s-Eye or Bust

If your company is literally spending up to $5 million for 30 seconds of ad space, you probably want the ad to hit the mark, don’t you? That’s why nearly every company with an ad in the Super Bowl tested multiple ads before selecting what they believed would be well received.

while-some-organizations-will-spend-months--if-not-an-entire-year--plann_1656_40030883_0_14099219_5002. Get Emotional

The Puppymonkeybaby—that was uncomfortably weird, wasn’t it? Truthfully, whether or not the majority of watchers found it funny is irrelevant. Why? The commercial struck a strong enough emotional chord with the masses that everyone remembers the ad and brand. Getting emotional works.

3. Keep It Simple

To illustrate this point, have you ever noticed that some of the most popular songs have a grand total of 20 words and three chords? It’s pretty simple stuff, but if done well, it’s a captivating experience. Think of the Colgate commercial and its simple message regarding water conservation.

4. Spartan Servers Required

Did you know that the Puppy Bowl had so many online streamers that the servers crashed? Animal Planet got everything fixed in a jiffy, but these days the Internet crowd will abandon your site or app in 30 seconds or less if it doesn’t load. Your customer base is only as strong as your servers.

5. Digital Fortitude for the UltimateWin

Internet traffic is at an all-time high, and it’s unlikely to reach a plateau anytime soon. In the aftermath of Super Bowl ads and performances, many websites experienced server issues, slow load times and similar problems. Moving into the future, the savviest companies will anticipate and prepare for such digital crowds.


When your digital performance suffers, you might lose a conversion or a client to a website with a faster load time. Eliminating bugs and devising effective campaigns can improve your performance and help you maximize your digital marketing efforts. As you identify room for improvement in your own digital performance, incorporate these lessons to devise effective initiatives.