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How to Improve A GSM/3G Mobile Phone Signal: Brief Overview


What is a mobile phone booster?

Mobile signal booster  is a simple device used to improve mobile signal reception indoors.  It usually comes in a kit with two antennas – indoor and outdoor. In fact, the device is useless without the antennas. The reason bases on the way it works. The equipment doesn’t generate strong signal on its own. First it’s an outdoor antenna that picks up strong signal from the outside. That’s why rather strong outdoor signal reception is inevitable for proper system performance. Then the antenna sends the signal to the booster through the cable, it amplifies or literally copies the received signal and sends it already improved to the indoor antenna. Indoor antenna is necessary to spread the enhanced signal all over the required area. This way the equipment provides overall coverage upgrade.


Why do I need it?


There’re a lot of reasons when you may face poor signal reception. The most widespread situation is when you’re located far away from the base station. That’s why coverage problems are mostly typical for owners of houses in rural areas detached from cities.

Mobile signal reception can also be weak in the area which is separated from mobile network operator with some barrier. It can be a natural barrier like mountains and hills which block cellular signal.  Or if you cafe or shop is located underground the terrain itself becomes an impediment for smooth signal.

As for artificial barriers, they can be skyscrapers and multi-stored buildings that can’t let the signal go through over built-up business zones to your office. The same thing is about too thick walls of your house or other building.

Where can I get it?

Mobile signal boosters are available both in online and offline shops, though online offer looks much wider and diverse. Talking about specific producers, we’d advice considering HiBoost brand by Huaptec.


Within last years the company gained brilliant reputation among its clients as a supplier of quality product. Huaptec model line includes boosters for 2G, 3G and 4G networks, which can go either separately in single bands or in dual, triple and even quint combinations. The company has a few regional offices with a web store for each of them. Visit if you need a booster for Europe and if you are going to improve signal in the USA.