About Data Recovery Softwares

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We don’t create backup of all our things. There are times when we accidently delete a file or hard disk failure occurs. What can you do at that moment? You can always take help of data recovery softwares to get your lost data back. Whenever we delete a file, the file is moved to the Recycle Bin of our computer and when we delete that file from the recycle bin we think that we have removed that file permanently from our computer which is wrong. Once we have deleted a file from out computer only the path and name of the file goes to the Recycle Bin and the file remains hidden in its original location. This is the main reason we are able to restore our lost data.

Data Recovery Tools

There are a lot of free data recovery tools which you can use to get your lost data back. Whatever your file system be you can easily recover your lost files by using data recovery tools. Most of the data recovery tools are able to recover the data from NTFS, FAT and ext2 file systems. Some of the softwares also allow you to rebuild the boot sector of your hard disk. Different free data recovery tools are available for different platforms. You can easily recover your lost data on windows, MAC and other operating systems.

Recover Data from Memory Cards

Not only we use a hard disk drive for storing our data. Memory cards or flash drives are used by a lots of people as they are handy and portable. Many times our memory card gets corrupted if we don’t unmount it before removing it. This may lead to a corrupted memory card. You can always recover lost data from your memory card by using memory card recovery tools. A lot of softwares are available for doing recovery of the lost data which was present in your memory card but if you are not sure that you will be able to perform the job you can take help of memory card recovery service provided by many professionals. You can easily recover images, audio, video, text from memory cards using memory card recovery softwares.

Protect your Hard Disk from Crashing

There is no doubt that there are softwares present which will help you to get recover your lost data back but if one takes proper care, he/she can prevent the failing of the hard disk drive. Here are some steps which one can follow for long life of the hard disks.

  • Keep checking the status of your hard disk by using the chkdsk command. This command will help you to know everything about your hard disk what errors are going on in your hard disk. You can easily solve these errors if you know that they are present in your hard disk. Moreover if you know that your hard disk is going to fail soon you can create complete backup of your hard disk.
  • You can always use a monitor for monitoring the status of your hard disk. Monitoring the status of your hard disk will help you to understand the stats of your hard disk, the current temperature and the temperature above the normal limit. Motoring can help prevention of your hard disk failure and there won’t be any need of data recovery because you would be taking proper care of your hard disk if you are monitoring it.
  • Always check the surroundings where you have placed the cabinets of your computer. Most of the cabinets are placed at locations where there is no proper circulation. No proper circulation will lead to increase in temperature and will eventually harm the hard disk.

These were some of the points which can be followed for long life of your hard disk. If your hard disk is healthy there is no chance that it will fail in future and there is no chance that you would lose a single file.