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Apps and Websites that Help Kids Create Comics

Despite the introduction of various forms of entertainment today from the TV and movies to the internet, mobile devices and high-tech gaming consoles, it’s a fact that many kids still have a penchant for comic books. Comics help children dream if only to escape from the real world for a short time and inspire them to draw and sketch. It can also encourage them to create their own stories that they may want to turn into comics.

With today’s technology readily available to young people, creating comics is a breeze. There are many applications to choose from and websites that provide tips and tricks as well as the latest updates about the industry.

Parents with children below 10 years should consider some of these online tools. Many of them can be used in mobile devices.

Superhero Comic Book Maker

superhero comic book maker

This tool by Duck Duck Moose is ideal for kids aged 5 years old who love superheroes. It encourages children to create their own stories based on comic books they like.

To use the app, a kid just needs to select different characters, scenes, colors and sound effects. They can also choose the color of their story background and adjust the sticker size. Once everything has been set up, they can then record their own story by tapping the record button. As they talk, the characters move.

As the application easily records the narration and movement, kids are also able to create their own comic book at once.

Strip Designer


Strip Designer is recommended for kids 8 years of age. It’s an app that uses pictures to create comic books.

Templates are available wherein users can implant their photos regardless of the source. In addition, there are also clip arts and icons they can use. Once completed, the app allows the creation to be exported to a universal PDF format. This means that the comic creations of kids can be printed out and shared online.

To use the app, a kid simply selects a template first. From there, a photo can then be added whether sourced from his device’s photo album, Facebook or Dropbox account. Other features include a paint tool, text bubbles and stickers. Finished creations can later be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Dropbox.

Other than creating a comic book, the app is also useful in documenting family trips or creating a reading required in school.

We Make Stories


This particular app helps kids aged 6 to 11 develop their skills in storytelling as well as in creating comic books, pop-up books and treasure maps.

The Comic Genius tool of this application lets kids make their own comic strips about their family. One simply has to choose a background for their vacation, dress the characters they want to include and write text via the talk bubbles about their conversations.

The much younger kids can also play with the sound effects via the audio book while the older kids can use the app’s Pop! tool for writing storybooks that feature pop-ups.

Puffin Books, the publisher of well known children’s paperback including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Very Hungry Caterpillar is behind this website.

Meanwhile, parents who want to know where to buy Kickstarter products can just do a little research online. Comic books by Kickstarter are just some of the many you can choose from today.