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4 Cool Scrapbook Uses

scrapbooking uses

Scrapbooks have been popular for generations. They provide you with a way to preserve memories and pass them down to your children and even grandchildren. Scrapbooking rose to new levels over the last few decades as people started adding colorful backgrounds, extensive journaling and fun decorative elements. You can now design your scrapbooks online and then have them professionally printed and bound. These books are particularly enjoyable because they are more durable, and they are also faster to make. Online photo books are easy to make, and they can be used in some amazing way.

1) Individual Books for Children

scrapbooking child or baby

Most families have scrapbooks that cover their adventures over the years. You can now make individual books based on your child’s greatest hits and events. While the family books will remain on your shelves for years to come, the individual books can go with your children when they grow up and move out of the home. Here are just a few ideas for these personalized books:

• Give your child a personalized yearbook at the end of each school year. Include pictures of extra-curricular activities, birthday parties, holiday gatherings and more.
• If your son or daughter is in sports, make a book that records their journey from the first try-outs to their final competitions.
• When your child is involved in something like a major trip or competition, make a book of that amazing occasion.

2) Party Favors for Big Events

scrapbook party favors

Online scrapbooks are so affordable that you can even make them as party favors. If you are planning a gathering to celebrate the end of a successful season, give your guests a book of great highlights from the year. When it’s time to celebrate another family birthday or anniversary, you can give the guests a book highlight the guest of honor’s life or accomplishments. At the end of a competitive season, you can give all the athletes a book detailing the team’s journey over the course of the year.

3) Commemorate Vacations

Vacation scrapbooking

You spend a lot of money on a vacation, and it deserves to have a special memory book showcasing the sights and activities you enjoyed. You can display the family’s journey from the initial ride to the airport to the return trip home. The next time a visitor asks about your trip, you can simply show them the professionally bound book and let them take in the journey. Don’t forget to include things like photos of your tickets, pictures of the hotel you stayed in and the exhausted family taking naps the day after you come home.

4) An Amazing Thank-You

Thank you Scrapbook

If you have someone in your life who has really helped you or your child, then you can say thank you with a book that is dedicated to them. Include pictures that you have taken of them, as well as a few pictures of your family. Include journaling to detail how they have impacted your life, along with a page at the end thanking them. It’s a personal gift that will always be cherished, and it’s a fantastic way to say thank you.

There are countless uses for scrapbooks. While you may not have time to sit down and create a traditional scrapbook for 100 party-goers, you can easily design one online and have the books professionally printed. With this service, you can make a professional book as a thank you, party favors or to showcase a year in your child’s life. Whether you want to create books for the family or want a professional book of your wedding, online picture books are now easier and more affordable to make than ever before.