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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits – the First Step Towards Kicking the Habit

Deciding to quit smoking is a huge deal for some people, and the kind of decision that can’t be taken lightly. While many say they’re going to quit, what they actually mean is they’re going to cut down on the amount they smoke, something a lot of employees are actually encouraged to do because of the amount of time they spend outside the office on cigarette breaks.

To some people the words ‘electronic’ and ‘cigarette’ shouldn’t be put together, but in recent years developers have managed to create genuinely realistic cigarettes, just without the addictive substances like nicotine and tobacco. Instead, the likes of sell eshishas and e-cigarettes that give off a flavour in the form of different liquids which, when smoked, release a vapour.

There are plenty of companies trying to jump on the e-cigarette bandwagon, and plenty of people looking to give up smoking but they just can’t make that first step. In the past the options for quitting smoking were to throw the cigarettes and the lighter in the bin and just try to go without, or using nicotine patches that would emit small amounts of the addictive substance throughout the day.

However, these methods are as much down to willpower as they are the product or the method, but electronic cigarettes are mostly nicotine free (different companies will offer small amounts for those trying to wean themselves off cigarettes), but offer different benefits to people trying to quit.

For instance, a lot of people miss the feeling of having something in their hands. The sensation of having a cigarette between your fingers can be enough for some trying to give up, and that’s what makes eshishas and ecigarettes so much better for people trying to quit because they come in the same shapes and sizes of traditional cigarettes.

Starter kits are available to help people determined to give up, providing them with everything they need to make quitting as easy as possible during what is undoubtedly going to be a stressful time. These kits differ according to which company you buy them from, but they then give you the opportunity to buy more flavoured vapours to help satisfy the craving – without actually consuming any of the dangerous substances you’re trying to kick out.