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Top 5 iPhone Charge-On-The-Go Battery Cases For iPhone4/4S

Unbeknownst to most, these iPhone cases are a blessing in disguise (literally!). Do you ever notice that it’s mid afternoon and you still have loads to do on your iPhone but that red ‘Battery Low’ icon appears prematurely? It’s usually when you’re going to be so rushed off your feet you won’t get chance to plug in your rapidly depleting handset. Well, this is where you won’t have any problems anymore – charge on the go with these amazing external battery iPhone charge cases!

1. Powerskin Extended




Source: MobileFun

At around £40 for a unit, this is a pretty standard choice for anyone wanting to give these portable chargers a go.  With a soft silicone outer, this charger offers protection and is comfortable to the touch – both bonuses.

With a 2000mAh, this unit can offer up to a 100% higher charge, but we noticed that with time this can slowly deplete. With a simple micro USB to charge the case, this is a simple but efficient design.

2. Mophie Juice Pack Air MophiebackMophie

Source: Mophie
With one of the best designs, the juice pack from Mophie is one for people bothered about performance as well as impressions. With super thin casing, this case also offers the chance to potentially double battery life. All in all this equates to around 36 hours extra audio. A definite candidate for people who don’t want a chunky soft outer case.

At around £60, it is style over substance, as that’s all you’re paying the extra for – but for those willing to spend a little extra on looks this charge on the go case is most definitely one of the best.

incipio3. Incipio offGRID

The Incipio is a good looking little device and lives up to its performance promises. This case isn’t an all in one piece of kit, technically, as it gives you the chance to interchange the rechargeable battery packs attached.

Source Incipio
Super simple to attach, you then have to snap on the rest of the frame and you’re on your way to full battery again. This case is available in multiple colour choices, which we thought was a nice touch although, again, the other models, as pictures, have issues. We found that the alternatives to the simple gloss black were a little trickier to actually get on. In this case, style ruins usability, so we’d only recommend going for the original black.

4. MiLi Powerspring MiLi

This device doesn’t double the life of the iPhone 4, much the same with many others that claim they can. However, this battery case does promise at least 16 hours extra on top of existing battery life when used solely as an external battery.

Source: Digitalslife

When used simply for the charge function, we were satisfied by a 70% charge – more than most people would actually need anyway. This is possibly one of the most similar internally and externally to the Mophie Juice Pack but unfortunately, it comes second peg to its slightly more premium competitor.

Digitalslife5. Exogear Exolife

We found the Exolife to be the thinnest and lightest, in our opinion, compared to its competition. Without being so chunky in width, this allows natural one handed use of the phone which we found to be the best feature of the device. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else we found spectacular about the piece of kit from Exogear. With a gimmicky indicator to let you know your phone is charging, and the blocking of certain headphones into the jack, these just don’t live up to the quality of the others listed on here.

Source: Engadget
In its defence, this battery pack manages to bump up a dead iPhone to 69%, but this is in 2 hours and still falls short of its competitors. Does what it says on the tin – but not much more.

These cases are fantastic for anyone who needs more battery life! If you are a business man or woman who is out of the office all day and you need your phone to be charged, then you are the perfect candidate for one of these cases. Also, it is great if you have reminders coming to your phone all day, so your phone will not die before you have the chance to be reminded that your next meeting is at 4pm or you still need to book that cleaning service for the office.