Mobile devices and Tablets vs. Laptops and PC’s

Tablets vs pc

Do you feel lost when you leave home without your mobile phone or consult Google from your tablet whenever someone asks you a question? You’re not alone, 271million people in the US and 40 million in the UK now own a mobile phone. 91% of these people have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24hours a day. We’re all guilty of it, checking the online newspapers before having your morning coffee, checking out what your friends are up to on Facebook and even using dream monitoring apps whilst we sleep. Its official, we are addicted to our mobile devices! You can see it everywhere you turn; people scrambling around in handbags panicking they may have left it at home, people placing it on the table in a restaurant as soon as they sit down, people quickly referring to Google to keep up to date with the latest news. When did all this happen?

It’s so accessible nowadays to browse the web whilst on the move that it’s hard to ever imagine a time where we had to boot up a desktop computer and wait for dial up to kick in before we had any hope of surfing. This is the one of the main reasons that mobiles devices are out selling laptops and PCs. Nobody really needs a static device anymore, we want things readily available with high speeds. In the days when everyone had only a desktop PC and no mobile phone the only people that really used a laptop was business professionals. They needed to be able to take work to various different meetings. This is still true of todays’ business folk however now they can email from trains using their smartphone or access important documents off their tablets. Even restaurants are jumping on the bandwagon and using tablets as menus.

3 out of every 5 internet searches are now performed on a mobile device and online retail sales have risen by 15%. With mobile devices advancing at such a phenomena speed it’s not difficult to see why people are choosing to buy the latest smartphone or tablet over a desktop computer or laptop. From April to September in 2011 mobile email opens increased by 34% whereas laptop and PC email opens decreased by 11%. It’s clear to see that what people want nowadays is a device that will enable them to be able to search for things at top speed, on the move and with ease.