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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Review

lenovo thinkpad 2

The computer tablet market has exploded in the last year. Nothing could impress this more than the number of new tablet brands and models flooding the market.  Joining the fray is Lenovo. The company has released Thinkpad Tablet 2, which runs on a Windows 8 operating system.

The decision to use Windows 8 is a smart one for Lenovo. A large fraction of desktop and laptops users thrive on Windows. In a world increasingly “in sync,” having  a tablet that runs on the same OS as your work computer is the most logical choice.

First Impressions.

Thinkpad 2 comes with detachable keyboard that makes it look like a highly portable ultrabook. Its slim, sleek design gives the feel that it’s a very high end device.


Thinkpad tablet 2 measures about 10.3 inch in length, 6.5 inch in width and just 0.39 inch in thickness. It weighs 585 grams which isn’t that bad at all. You can easily put it in your bag and feel it none the heavier.


The device has got IPS LCD display measuring 10.1 inch diagonally. The resolution of the display is above HD quality i.e. 768×1366 pixels and it supports the multi touch feature. With this kind of display, you’ll enjoy watching videos in your Thinkpad.


The table has a dual core processer with clock speed of 1.8GHz and fixed on the Intel’s Atom chipset. It has one dedicated GPU from Intel.

There is 2GB dedicated RAM storage inside to support the processors and the GPU. The overall performance of the device is superb but I think that Lenovo should upgrade next ThinkPad with quad core processor.


There is one 8MP camera at the rear with LED flash light and autofocus feature. The camera is capable of recording HD quality video of 720p ratings.

It also has a 2MP camera in front with LED flash for video calling via Skype. The video quality output of the front camera was very impressive.


The 32-bit Windows 8 looks amazing on the home screen of Thinkpad 2. You can easily upgrade the device to Windows 8 Pro.


The Windows 8 tablet from Lenovo is capable of operating on LTE and 3G cellular network and it also has the Wi-Fi for wireless data connectivity.

For the data connectivity via USB cable, it has got one USB port and also one mini HDMI port.


The tablet has got 2GB of RAM storage with 64GB of e-MMC storage. There is slot for storage expansion as well using the traditional microSD card.

Battery Life

According to the officials the device is capable of living for up to 10 hours but in my case it was just 8.5 hours.


The device looks good and OS is very impressive but it would have been a better with a quad core processer.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 has a  price tag of $679. You can buy better-performing tablets at this price range.