Top 5 Best Programming Blogs

These days there are a bunch of people who want to become programmers.If you are keen about programming culture then it’s really important to follow the right blogs. While there are hundreds of thousands of programming blogs out there only a few dozen are updated periodically and have engaging and insightful posts. When you start programming, the first thing you need to focus on is the programming languages that interest you. Once you sort that out, you need to prep yourself to understand the basics of the language. Once you’ve got through the basics, all you need to do is enhance your skills, and that’s where these blogs come in. These are the best programming blogs in the world. They’re well established and respected.


1. Catonmat


This is one blog that no budding programmer should miss. It has some really valuable information that can help you enhance your skills as a programmer and help you to master cornerstones of programming languages. There’s some handy information on this blog that’s otherwise really tough to find. Catonmat is more than 10 years old and it’s created by Peter Krumins who is an accomplished programmer and a master of multiple programming languages. He’s proficient with Perl, C, C++, Python, and UNIX shell scripting. This blog covers topics like programming, hacking, software reuse, new software ideas, computer security, cross-browser testing (and Browserling), and technology. Catonmat is considered to be the best programming blog in the world.

2. Gamasutra


Let’s face it, game development has a lot of money once you master the right skills and while there’s a lot of information available in the market, there’s nothing that can compare to the kind of detailed information and advice that you will get here. There are a number of sections here that you can focus on and these include production, art, audio, programming and more. If you’re keen on getting into game development, don’t miss out on this blog!


3. The Daily WTF


Most programming blogs speak about best practices and new programming tips and tricks. However The Daily WTF is a user based blog that speaks about bad coding practices that can be seen in the real world. Although entries are submitted by users, the site owners check each entry and then approve to stay consistent with the other content on the blog. While some may see this site as a mockery of bad coding, it is more of a warning with regards to what can go wrong in the world of coding. This blog is more about what not to do rather than how to do it.

4. Coding Horror


This is one of the oldest blogs to refer to mainly because it’s maintained by a developer who’s spent a lot of time in the industry. Coding Horror has a lot of information about various programming languages and how you can put those languages to use in your own unique way to create a signature style that will impress the audience. The blogs are put together after years of research and have a lot of valuable information that will help you grow.

Coding Horror

5. A List Apart


A list apart is an amazing blog that features posts from multiple authors. All the blog posts focus on web standards, web design, web content and web development. It is said that if you are keen to learn something new in the world of web programming, you will read about it on this blog. The advice for web developers here is brilliant and the weekly updates slowly but surely set you apart as a web developer.

We hope you liked our top programming blogs review and please feel free to leave comments about which are your favorite programming blogs. Bye!