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6 Digital Tools Businesses Cannot Miss Out On

There have been many different tools to arise for businesses, especially for those with an online presence. Here, you will see many of the best being mentioned. Companies can use all of the help they can get for prosperous growth and expansion, and many of these tools can help them to accomplish this goal. Many business owners would be highly pleased with the results that they can yield.

Hootsuite : Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to reach out to clients online. Hootesuite helps you manage several social media accounts at once. This is a very powerful tool, as it can allow you to schedule several updates in advance; once you have it set up for a specified period of time, you won’t need to manually update the accounts for that time period. It even provides detailed analytics regarding the audience, enabling you to figure out which messages spur your customers the most.

MailChimp : Email Marketing

Every business with an internet presence should utilize email marketing. With MailChimp, you can actively manage your email lists, send out important and informative updates to customers, and offer those customers discounts or sale notices. Email marketing is still one of the strongest methods of inbound marketing available.

LegalZoom : Legal Services

A legal service is always going to be needed for a business. LegalZoom provides any legal document that you could imagine, as well as legal services. This company has many experts on hand, and can be much cheaper than a lawyer; utilizing them can also be much less confusing than doing things yourself. If you need any legal forms or business services done in the future, you will find them to be an all in one service.

Square : Accepting Plastic

This handy smart phone application allows you to accept payment via debit card or credit card, allowing your business to evolve above cash and checks. In short, you receive a small card swiper in the mail upon registration with this service. This small contraption plugs directly into your smart phone, and works with the Square application. Once you receive it, you can actively take payment by card. This is very useful for businesses that have yet to implement a traditional card terminal.

Expensify : Keeping Track of Finances

This incredible program allows you to monitor your businesses finances. It mainly focuses on expenses, and provides a range of tools to evaluate and monitor them. It is very important that a business owner evaluates expenses continuously, to ensure that their business and its budget are on the right path. If expenses are growing out of control, a business could quickly lose its grounding and fail before it has the chance to flourish.

Weebly : Easy Website Design

This service has long been used by new website and business owners, as it supplies tons of tools for creating an incredible website. It is easy to use, and focuses on making website design an easy and fun addition to business ownership. This service is also completely free, making it a prime option for entrepreneurs with a very strict budget.