Host1plus – The Perfect Choice for VPS Hosting

Are you a business owner who wanna build a good web presence? Do you wish to make your business website easily accessible for your clients? If you say “Yes” for both my questions, then the information which I’m gonna discuss is for you!

Do you know the importance of choosing a reliable web hosting service for your business site? If you host your website through cheap & low-quality hosting provider, how do your customers feel safe? Yeah, websites hosted on inferior servers are vulnerable to hacking attacks.

If you feel that your website would get a lot of fame, then you should consider choosing the powerful hosting service to get root access to your server. Moreover, you might be puzzled about some important features to look for in a web hosting like the amount of storage & bandwidth, Database & tech support, backup, uptime and so on.

To solve your difficulties, I come with a perfect solution for you. It’s nothing but the “Host1Plus” hosting service. Let’s discuss its basic details and I’d like to highlight its VPS hosting which is very competitive in today’s market.

Know about Host1Plus

Host1Plus is a London-based hosting provider started in the year 2008. It is growing fast and has introduced Cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting for its users in the year 2012. Last year, it expanded its service to worldwide with new server location & local support. To handle technical issues, Host1Plus has an expert team of IT professionals who are always ready to help you 24 x 7.


This tremendous hosting provider offers a wide variety of hosting services like Web (shared) hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, Dedicated hosting and Reseller hosting that are powered by the finest data centres. Providing several optimization & security tools and optimized CMS & SEO hosting choices are the notable features of Host1Plus that ensure the top performance of the website.

What is VPS Hosting?

Even though, your business is small, it would have immense growth potential in the future. Thus, you need to get VPS hosting service that is a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting with its own OS, space and bandwidth.

Here, you could section a server so that each section will have its dedicated space and rebooting ability. This type of hosting is easily scalable and you’ll get more control over your virtual server. In simple words, VPS hosting is for the one who are unable to afford a dedicated server.

Host1Plus VPS hosting – The best VPS hosting

I hope that you’ve understood the significance of VPS hosting. If you seek a good VPS web hosting with excellent security, support and cost control features, Host1Plus VPS hosting is at your rescue. Here you’ll get the own dedicated IP address to run your own web, FTP servers and email so as to boost the SEO performance of your business website.

Besides, you’ll get a lot of customization options to host your virtual server like unlimited domain hosting, installing applications with root- access capability and resell hosting services. If you have a multiple traffic generating sites, all can be hosted at one place with Host1Plus VPS hosting.

Admirable features of Host1Plus VPS hosting

VPS hosting of Host1Plus has many exciting features, but I’d like to emphasize some of its admirable features like

  • Dedicated IP account to configure VPS server
  • Deal with difficult online applications
  • Existence of application auto-installer
  • Unsurpassed performance at affordable price
  • Several location operation centres with responsive customer support.

Host1Plus’ Budget VPS Hosting plans

Host1Plus offers four different VPS hosting plans for your high traffic websites. All these budget VPS hosting plans are available with multiple configuration choices and you may choose your nearest server location to get quick connection speed. Check the below image to grab the details of several pricing plans to build your unique VPS.



Choosing an unfailing hosting service that can offer the essential tools and storage capacity is more important to make your web experience much easier. Therefore, if you choose a powerful hosting with good uptime record, professional team and excellent customer outlook, you’ll lead a success path in your business.

If you’re searching for an economical but high-quality VPS hosting service, Host1Plus VPS hosting is here for you to judge. I’m sure that you’ll get a perfect VPS hosting plan for your business needs. What do you think about Host1Plus VPS hosting? Leave your views in the comment section.