Flippa Valuation Tool Reviewed 2022

Flippa Valuation Tool Reviewed 2022

These days buying and selling websites is quite a big business. Like any other kind of business, the market for websites is complicated and vast. Flippa valuation tool basically is an online marketplace for selling and buying websites. They list the sites for sale and cater numerous services to aid sellers and buyers alike.

Features of Flippa 

Features of Flippa 

Valuation Tool

Valuation Tool

A specifically tricky part of selling a website is about knowing what it’s truly worth. Setting cost for a website assures that you’ll actually receive the offers and have a competitive listing. 

Flippa has a completely free valuation tool to point this issue. This tool emulates your site to suchlike sites within your niche and uses data on revenue and traffic figures. For your site, with all of this significant info, you’re given a free valuation that can help you to competitively list it. 

Listing a site properly helps to captivate buyers and assists you to get a maximum return as well for your own website.


Flippa is a website marketplace. On the Flippa valuation tool, sellers list their websites, and buyers have the option to browse all websites and then survey the market for making a deal.

Buyers can freely browse listings and filter depending on several search terms to get the ideal website within the bounds of their niche.


There is a fixed cost for an initial listing (i.e., currently $49), and Flippa charges a variable percentage on your successful sale. However, this rate depends on certain factors, comprising the type and size of the website that you are enlisting. In addition, there’re paid services that genuinely expand your website’s reach and grant it a marketing boost on Flippa’s own platform.

Partnered Brokers

Flippa valuation tool also proffers the option for listing your website via a broker. They have a list of trusted brokers which you could contact and entrust to sell and list your website.

A website broker is quite similar to other business field brokers. A broker can arrange a sale between a seller and a buyer. The buyer will check out a seller’s website, generate a listing, market this listing to the potential buyers, and aid to complete all of the regulatory and legal guidelines consorted with making a sale. They work all through the process from start to finish, and help out the seller in securing the highest possible return for their website.

Flippa Review

Flippa Review


Let’s start with the pros of Flippa. The most marked pros include Flippa’s immense user base and functionality of its site.

Flippa has a user base that is pretty much dissimilar in the area of online business. This indicates that there are wide opportunities for both sellers and buyers. Your listing has such potential to be seen by a large range of people, and buyers typically have the prospect to find a more promising return on investment.

With their site functionality, Flippa supports these opportunities. Flippa valuation tool simplifies these processes for both sellers & buyers and makes it utterly easy to purchase or to list a site. They also offer numerous other sorts of functionality that can further support your sale. 

Overall, Flippa is appreciable if you know what you are getting into. It is a large online marketplace, so there’re many types of offerings. 


With so many competing listings, you may find that your own listing gets lost, and moreover, not discovered by the buyers you want. Sometimes, a bidding war might result in the buying price being driven much huger than you think a website is worth. As a buyer, it could be pretty competitive to purchase a website on Flippa.

In addition, Flippa mostly functions as a marketplace. Flippa has the system to assure validity, but those are not always enough. This results in lots of sellers who’re less honest about what they’re offering. In order to evade getting scammed or buying a website that is amazing, the buyer has to do thorough research with the Flippa valuation tool on that. This is in comparison to the other website brokers, who usually vet their offerings systematically beforehand.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Flippa is a good and genuine website, with some little flaws which any seller or buyer must be aware of. As business is competitive, this is also a competitive marketplace for both sellers and buyers. As long as you get to know what you are getting into, then there is a lot to like. You’ll have to do your due willingness to find the right opportunity here.