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Casino Theme Party: How to Do it Right

With the rising popularity of online casino games, there is no better way to have a great time with your fellow online gamers than to host a casino theme party. Guests can play games directly on their Smart phones, laptops, or various multimedia devices, and you can decorate your place in the style of a casino, complete with cocktail waitresses and big fuzzy dice decorations. Hosting a theme night is not only a great way to spend time with your friends, you can also invite any virtual gaming buddies who live in the area, and finally meet them at your home in person. Casino nights are always fun, and the fact that everyone has their own hand held playing machine makes for an even better party.

Slot Machine Music

Anyone who has ever stepped foot inside a casino knows that there is no sound quite like the bells and whistles of a slot machine. These sounds are definitely pleasing to the ear, and they also encourage gamblers to go for the jackpot. The music also includes clinking coins, truly recreating the actual casino experience. You can easily create a slot machine music CD by downloading various choices online, and once you push play, you will have created a wonderful home casino.


Decorations are key for any party, and there are a variety of choices when it comes to a casino party. There are felt covers with blackjack designs that can easily be placed over the tables, and you can hang large fuzzy dice from the ceiling and in the door frames. Another fun decorating option is to rent an old style slot machine, and you can also set up various card tables where players can sit down and enjoy a virtual poker game. The lighting in casinos is generally low, so you may also wish to dim your overhead lights in order to provide your guests with the ultimate gaming area.

Cocktail Waitresses

No casino party is complete without a cocktail waitress or two, clad in costumes carrying trays. Your waitresses can serve drinks and snacks to your guests, allowing you to focus on being the ultimate host. Casino waitress costumes are sold at various costume stores, and your waitresses can also create their own look with a simple white button down shirt and a black mini skirt or slacks. Your big winners may even wish to leave your authentic casino waitresses a nice tip!

A Great Night of Fun and Games

While there are so many casino games in today’s virtual world, it is always fun to host a live party where you can enjoy face time with friends and family members. Casino games tend to bring out the fun in everyone, especially when they are winning. By sending out a virtual invite to friends, family, and fellow online gamers and creating an authentic and lively casino style atmosphere. You can create a night that your guests will never forget.

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