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Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

best nintendo games
best nintendo games

Kids today are smarter than always. They start using computers, smartphones and other gadgets from early ages. They seem to forget how it is to play outside, while many of their friends are virtual characters. From this point of view, it is a parent’s responsibility to ensure a good education for a kid. When it comes to games, violence or explicit content should definitely be avoided. A Nintendo DS console can easily make a good present for a kid, but make sure you pick the right games for a decent education.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

The application is highly recommended to kids older than 6 who love solving puzzles. The game gives them access to more than 130 puzzles. The primary mission is to reveal the mysteries of a nicely built Victorian village. The puzzles are just as diversified. Some of them are meant to be entertaining, while others are logic and hard to complete. All in all, the touch screen controls make the experience very attractive. The interesting part is that you can download new puzzles on a weekly basis, so your kid will never get bored.

Animal Crossing Wild World

Animal Crossing Wild World is one of those never ending games. All the players live in the same village. The characters are talking animals, while the real time clock ensures a very realistic experience. If you set up the right time in game, the sun shines when the real sun shines. The seasons also change on the same principle. Aside from the social interaction, players have the chance to gain some skills in plenty of recreational activities. They may fish for fun or decorate their gardens according to their preferences. In conclusion, there is always room for a change, but there is also the risk to reach to an unpleasant monotony.

New Super Mario Bros

Designed for both kids and adults, New Super Mario Bros will help your kid understand the childhood you had. The new version supports more advanced 3D graphics, while the main objective remains uncharged – saving Princess Peach. With 80 different levels, the game can kill a lot of time. A little experience from your childhood may also help you interact with your kid as you two enjoy the game. Although this is a mindless source of entertainment, New Super Mario Bros is definitely a great fun.

Kirby Squeak Squad

When a problematic thief runs away with a strawberry cake, the pink character is supposed to find him and return the cake. Kirby can jump and float in order to move, but the battles represent the most entertaining parts. Kids have to discover the secret skills each character has, but also the united powers. For instance, they may burn grass or freeze water in order to find a solution. All in all, the best part is that Kirby Squeak Squad features multi-player possibilities too.

Animal Genius

Animal Genius brings in almost 150 levels. Each of them has the same primary mission – populating different places with wild or domestic animals, but also completing some quizzes. Kids learn more about the wildlife, but they also get to change the décor every once in a while through the five different scenarios.


Fortunately, there are plenty of Nintendo DS games for kids. Make sure you double check them before handing the gadget over to your kid. Inquire about personal preferences too, only to make a smart and entertaining decision.