What Happened To Good Old Board Games?

board games
board games

Twenty years ago, board games were a staple in households around the world, serving as a common way to entertain family and friends during social gatherings. Many families owned a variety of games, from Monopoly to Solitaire, and often set aside one or two nights a week for “Family Game Night.” So, what ever happened to the days when families and friends regularly played board games together?

The answer to this question is simple: technology. Since we have gone through such advanced technological changes, we have wound up in a digital age. Nearly everything has made the move to technology; even classical games and mail. After this happened, many classic board games suffered a drastic loss of popularity, and were nearly forgotten. Thankfully, these games also found their way into the digital world and again have the chance to be played as often as before.

Where Can I Find These Digitized Games?

If you are still a fan of these classic board games, you can definitely access them online or on your smart phone. They have actually gained lots of popularity since being made available on electronic devices. Now you can play Monopoly online if you are a fan of monopoly board games. Monopoly On A Roll is their popular online version, and it can be played from nearly anywhere. It definitely helps you to skip out on setting up the game and the cleaning that occurs afterwards!

If you are more interested in having a variety of games on your smart phone, there are actually thousands of applications out there; including card games, of course. You can find anything from Bingo, Solitaire, and Uno to Checkers, Scrabble and Pictionary. Since they were famous as physical board games in the past, game developers knew that they would be excessively successful on smartphones. This means you, the customer, gets to play these games anywhere at any time without having to get friends or family together.

digital board games

If you do not own a smartphone, you can always find them online. Many tend to like to play these games online anyways, because it is much easier to navigate the game with a computer. This also allows the user to focus and thoroughly enjoy the game, rather than playing it to pass time while waiting for a meeting or doctor’s appointment. A simple online search should yield the online version of nearly any board game that your heart desires.

Will You Have To Pay To Play These Games?

Depending on who produced the game, you may or may not have to pay. This is especially true for smartphones, because you are more likely to be charged for the application. If you play online, you are less likely to run into this issue; it just depends on which game you are seeking to play. The most popular digital board games tend to be offered for free. If you must pay, this charge is usually a one-time fee, rather than a membership fee. Therefore it may be an excellent investment if you know that you will be playing the game frequently.