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5 Pieces of Technology that will Improve your Exhibition

When considering the elementary purpose of an exhibition, you could almost sum it up with a two-word strategy show and tell. These days, a technological advance allows that classic approach to reach unprecedented heights. One of the best aspects of paring technology and exhibitions is its combined ability to disseminate a wealth of information to the masses. Suddenly, an audience you’d never dream of has access to your presentation. The only question is what technology best achieves that purpose. Here are five pieces of technology that can improve your exhibitions.


Touch Screens

If there were ever a way to engage as many of the five senses as possible, touch screens would be the frontrunners. Between the coveted space of touch and sight, people can gain real-time and interactive access to virtual displays. It is becoming increasingly common to incorporate touch-screen kiosks in trade shows and demonstrations. Touch screens perform well at simulating the real deal, which — for many consumers — can be the best next thing.

Liquid Crystals

Liquid crystals are the backbone material of various types of applications. Calculators, laptops, cell phones all utilize liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. Due to the flexible composition of liquid crystals, as well as its ability to be manipulated with light, researchers are on a constant quest to develop new ways to use this unique substance. In the meantime, you can take advantage of LCD-based applications in your exhibits and ramp up the interactive factor of your display.

Overhead Projectors

You can never go wrong with visual aids and the reliability of overhead projectors is tried and true. Slideshow presentations are solid platforms for engaging audiences, threading connective interest between potential consumers and the product at the exhibition stand. Presentation software is extremely prevalent, having become a standard part of secondary school curricula, in fact. Essentially, almost anyone can pull off a slideshow presentation. Overhead projectors + slideshows = effective exhibitions.


Customized Modular Exhibits

Modular structures are a bit of a throwback to the set-it-up, break-it-down exhibition booths from days past. These booths are fairly low-maintenance, quick to build, and easy to pack away. When given a high-tech twist, modular spaces turn into integrative and engaging displays. A modular display is built in 3-D fashion, allowing an exhibit to physically envelope the consumer. Now, imagine the aforementioned multimedia platforms within that structure, and modular exhibits become innovative mini-theaters of presentation. Think back to when you were a little kid. Do you remember the appeal of crawling through a snow fort or tucking away into a tent? Not much is different with a customized, 3-D modular exhibit. It has the same appeal — you’ve just gotten a little older.

Bringing out Your Inner Exhibitionist

There are a myriad of ways to display your product and optimize its appeal to consumers. When you take advantage of technology to broaden your base, the potential for reaching more people grows. Putting merchandise on display at an exhibit is great way to demonstrate what your product can do. However, throwing some technology into the mix can kick an extraordinary creation into a stratospheric level of interest. So, what technology will you use to launch your exhibition into orbit?