Top 3 Things You Should Know About Gamers

rise of mobile gaming

Over the years, the gaming world has been growing in terms of the number of players hooked to them. Console games are the most popular games available with a huge fan base but in the recent past the popularity has been shifting towards mobile games and tablet games. In 2013 alone, NPD reported that the total consumers’ spending on games in US was estimated at about $15.39 billion. That should just give you a clear indication of just how the gaming world has now evolved into a serious business.

The same survey also revealed that about 69% of the world’s population play video games on either one of the aforementioned means. Perhaps another channel which is also worth mentioning is the online channel. Online gaming is also very popular amongst the gamers as it presents the gamers with a new platform to enjoy numerous gaming opportunities.

Here are a few things to take note about an average gamer to help you understand where they are coming from:

Type of genre



One thing making the gaming experience interesting enough is the availability of different genres to choose from. There is actually something available for everybody. As a marketing best practice, game developers try to come up with games which are appealing to everyone. Some of the most popular genres that are currently available in the market include Game show replica games, Card games, Trivia games, free mobile casino games, Knowledge games, Puzzle games, Classic board games etc.

Statistically, 47% of these games are played online while another 42% played via mobile devices. Other genres that are played but not with the frequency of the above mentioned genres include:

  • Role playing games
  • Sport oriented games
  • Action games

The main reason attribute as to why the latter games are not as popular as the former ones is that these games take quite a while to complete. The amount of time invested to complete these games is what discourages some people from playing them.

Boys vs. Girls

boys vs girls video gaming

Even though the industry tends to be dominated by men, women have also managed to make their presence felt. In fact, 47% of the entire gaming population is actually female. It is only a matter of time before women overtake men in what was labeled a male dominated industry.

The rise of mobile gaming

The surge that is being experienced in the smartphone industry is astounding. Nowadays, people are being identified with the kind of smart device they carry around hence making them very popular. These devices are designed in such a way that they are capable of handling many different tasks and gaming is certainly one of them. Game developers understand this concept and have come up with new and advanced gaming experiences for their consumers. Mobile gaming is on the rise and it is expected that by 2016, the number of gamers will have doubled.