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Most Popular Kickstarter-Funded Indie Games

Crowd funding is so popular these days thereby inspiring new artists as well as game and software developers to pursue their passion and promote it to the world without them having to shell out their own funds. Kickstarter is one of the well known crowd funding platforms that have helped creative people make their dreams come to reality.

Projects that get financial support through such platforms vary. They cover video games, comic books, artworks and other events supporting a special cause.

In the field of video games, there are many Kickstarter indie games that have gained millions of dollars in pledges leading to its full-time development and distribution.

Double Fine Adventure


This adventure game by Double Fine Productions received more than $3 million in pledges in record time. The amount it gained was almost 10 times that of what the group originally aspired for.

The developers behind this game said all the money raised on Kickstarter will be used in refining the game and documentary. They are also hoping to produce the indie game in various platforms, translate it to different languages and create a soundtrack.



Faster Than Light or FTL for short is a space exploration video game based on the inside of the ship and created by Subset Games.

Based on a tabletop board games and featuring life inside a spaceship, the player here controls the crew of a single spacecraft as they fix the damage of the ship caused by their enemies, the rebel fleet.

The goal here is to guide the ship as it goes through several sectors while defending itself from hostile forces. Other tasks are to recruit new crew and outfitting the spaceship.

Guns of Icarus


A multi-player game developed Muse Games, Guns of Icarus features an airship called zeppelin Icarus with a similar concept as that of FTL. The goal of the player is to protect the ship using gun turrets and by repairing the damage it may have sustained.

Up to four players is allowed in this game. A sequel Guns of Icarus Online was successfully funded through Kickstarter receiving more than $35,000 in pledges.

Auditorium Duet

auditorium duet

Music lovers and those aspiring to pursue a career in music will have fun playing the Auditorium 2: Duet, a multi-player sequel to the original Auditorium. It’s about making music using visual elements much like the previous Rez game produced way back in 2001.

Created by Cipher Prime, players can create music in the Auditorium 2: Duet by bending lights and color through puzzles. Cooperation is key here to solve puzzles and making good music.

It takes a lot of effort to pitch a project in a crowdfunding platform such as a Kickstarter indie game. One needs to have a clear concept and presentation as well as an aggressive marketing campaign.