Security Requirements for Your Temporary Warehouse

Security Requirements for Your

Warehouses are important buildings that hold either goods or raw materials before distribution. Large factories can have a dedicated warehouse in a remote location rather than where the manufacturing is done. But other warehouses typically hold goods for multiple clients, especially those warehouses that serve small and medium businesses. There are many warehouses that are near seaports and airports to facilitate the storage of goods.

Currently, many people are relying on temporary materials to make their warehouses since it is an affordable and flexible option. For those who use these temporary structures, they must think about the security needs of the building before operations can begin. Otherwise, goods can be stolen.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

These are now standard on every business premises. What makes the difference is how sophisticated they are and how they are monitored. It defies logic to have cameras that are rarely monitored by a dedicated team. Ensure that the cameras are installed in sensitive areas like the entrance, hallways and where the actual goods are stored. Never forget the receiving and dispatch areas because this is where theft is more likely to occur.

Security Guards and Response

Security Guards and Response

Even after installing the security cameras, you must have a security team on the site. And this is the same team that will also monitor the security cameras as well as patrol the premises. The purpose of the security guards is to provide the first layer of security before any other measure is put in place.

Together with this, there is a need to have a reliable security response for backup. This means equipping the guards with panic buttons or installing them somewhere in your temporary warehouse. They will only use these when a threat warrants it.

Perimeter Wall

Even though the warehouse may be in a safe location, the use of a perimeter wall adds extra security to the temporary structures. According to temporary structure experts at Smart-Space, those warehouses that are easily accessible can be prone to intrusion if there is no perimeter wall. The best way to go about addressing this is to request that the landowner add a perimeter wall especially if there are many businesses within the same locality.

Access Control

Access Control

Although warehouses are open halls, they can have controlled access for only a few authorized people. For instance, truck drivers carrying out deliveries and picking up goods should not be allowed into the inner parts of the warehouse to avoid fraud. Other areas like the manager’s office, the inventory room, and some sensitive places should not be accessed by just anyone but only by the authorized people.


If you are about to buy a warehouse, there are many ways to enhance the security of the premises. The list shows the most crucial security measures although one can add others like motion sensors, thermal detectors, alarms and many more.

The need can differ depending on the sensitivity of the goods, location or any other factors. Therefore, be sure to decide what is important for your temporary warehouse before you begin the building process.