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Playtech Teaming Up With Iovation in Developing Fraud Force Technology

iovation with fraud force technology

Fraudulent activities have proliferated nowadays. Thus, it is necessary for an organization to have a powerful tool to prevent such illegal activities. In light of this, Playtech, the leading gaming software development company decided to make a partnership with Iovation, fraud detection services firm to develop Playtech’s fraud prevention power through the integration of FraudForce Technology.

What is FraudForce?


FradForce is technology responsible for detecting all the fraudulent behavior across all Internet devices. A website with FraudForce technology will be able to recognize and assess any risk factors from a user’s device whenever such user interacts with the site.

How does FraudForce help? 

Simply, with the help of FraudForce, software companies can determine all the devices or accounts that are associated with the fraud. That said, companies that are integrating this technology can save a lot of money from any fraud associated expenses. Moreover, gamers and users will be worry-free as they have security against fraudulent activities.

Fraud forces integration with IMS

IMS structure

Through the partnership, Iovation’s fraudForce is now available through the Playtech Open Platform, which helps and assists in the integration of third-party software with the outstanding Information management solution or IMS player management platform. This partnership is one of the endeavors of Playtech in expanding its large-scale operator toolset through deliberate and cautious agreements with its notable internal research and development. FraudForce, facilitated by a Global Device Intelligence Platform focuses not on the user, but on the device to detect fraudulent activities and recognize hidden links between devices and suspicious accounts. With this, operators who have access to FraudForce through IMS will be able to create real-time and automated discretions on any devices that they think may have a risk and may cause fraudulent activities.

Why Iovation?


Playtech believes that Iovation is an organization whom they can make a reliable, decent and strong partnership in pursuing their business endeavor. Iovation FraudForce has shown excellent and quality services in detecting and preventing fraud across different operators and companies. Since this technology has been introduced to the industry, it has been able to recognize more than five billion devices associated with the fraud. Through the said partnership, Playtech operators can uphold the power of Iovation’s worldwide network of fraud analyst who monitors about 30 million transactions every day and prevents about 300,000 attempts of fraud a day.

Playtech’s COO Message

Shimon Akad, Chief Operating Officer of Playtech, said: “Everyone at Playtech is delighted to be working with Iovation to bring FraudForce to our licensees. IMS is already the most comprehensive player management platform in the industry, but with the Playtech Open Platform, we can enhance its capabilities even further.

Akad added, ‘We are passionate about equipping our operators with world-class fraud prevention tools, and our partnership with Iovation is a key part of our strategy to deliver this. FraudForce is a powerful weapon in the war on cybercrime in online gambling, with its integration into IMS providing a seamless boost to the arsenal of our licensees.”

“We’re excited that Playtech is joining forces with iovation to make the Internet a safer and less complicated place for its licensees,” said Ed Wu, VP of Global Partnerships at iovation. “Our partnership strengthens the ability to spot risks and remediate fraud threats. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to work together to give users an extra level of confidence.”


The partnership between Palytech and iovation only shows that through strategically agreements of two outstanding companies, business objectives, and endeavors will be fulfilled. Now, Playtech’s goal to fight and prevent fraudulent activities will now be put into action.