Tips and Tricks

Manage Multiple Shops With Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

Owning more than one auto repair store can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Depending on how many stores you have, you will have to do twice, three times, or more the amount of work, often travelling to different locations to do so. Despite the fact that you are on your way to building your own personal empire, you’ve now been introduced to a host of new challenges and headaches that you didn’t have to deal with when you were managing one store. Don’t shut up shop yet, there is help at hand with the Tekmetric auto shop software.

Synchronized Accounting

This awesome auto shop software will provide you with a complete accounting system of all stores regardless of the locations. You will be able to access them quickly and easily through one platform so that you can keep up to date with the financial health of your company. You will be able to do the following all at the touch of a button :

  • Keep track of receivable and payable accounts
  • View financial statements and general ledger reports
  • Manage collections and disbursements
  • And much more

Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential when you are running one store, but even more so when you are managing multiple stores. With the Tekmetric auto shop software you will have access to all information related to your inventory from one platform, which will enable efficient planning and ordering. This system will let you know when you are running out of stock, what you have in stock and where it is located. The auto shop software will also provide you with real time information about what products are selling and what aren’t.

Sales Tracking

Unfortunately, fraud is always going to be a problem, no matter how nice you think your employees are. One of the most common methods of criminal activity is not to enter sold items into the cash registry and then keep the funds. The Tekmetric auto shop software will help prevent fraud by keeping track of all sold items according to what has been registered in the warehouse. The system will immediately alert you of any missing products at all locations.

If you want to free yourself from the stress of running multiple stores, the auto shop software is highly recommended. However, if you want to try before you buy, it’s advised that you jump on the bandwagon now because this software is only FREE OF CHARGE for the rest of the year. There are no contracts to sign and no forced sales. This is a company that is so confident in their product that they are willing to allow businesses access to it for the rest of 2018! If you decide that the software isn’t for you, all you need to do is return it, and you won’t have to pay a cancellation fee. Go ahead, improve your auto repair business with this dynamic new software.