iPhones: Unlocking Versus Jail-breaking

Those of you who are business minded know the advantages of having an iPhone in your pocket, over one of its competitors. Instant access to emails, skype and stocks are just a few of the reasons iPhones are a favourite in the business world.

However, the price of an iPhone is often off putting – even if it does do more than it’s much cheaper counter parts, paying double for a couple of extra features isn’t always justifiable. So what do you do if you want an iPhone – but without the cost?

Second hand iPhones are probably the most available second hand handsets, worldwide. Whether you’re looking for the very first model, or just a cheaper version of the most recent model – iPhone’s can be picked up at a fraction of their original price in a variety of outlets both online and in store.

But once you pick up a second hand phone you may find it is locked to the network – and adding your own sim to the phone means you cannot make any calls or texts. Then you are met with he decision: unlocking or jail- breaking?



Apple and iOS have strict regulation on apps that can be run through its system – for example, you can only download apps from the Apple Store. Jail breaking your iPhone or iPad, will enable you to download a range of apps that aren’t available on the iPhone usually, as well as enabling you to use any sim card in the phone.


  • Jail-breaking your iPhone or iPad is easy to do online.
  • It opens up your app market and offers paid apps for free.
  • It is often free, cheap and very easy to use.
  • It unlocks the phone to other sim cards.
  • You can change the appearance on your iPhone and iPad, a lot more than you can on unbroken device.


  • Jail-breaking is not illegal – however it will void your Apple warranty.
  • You will not be able to perform iOS updates (iOS updates will lock you back out of the phone, meaning you need to jail-break it once again.
  • Unauthorised apps may cause viruses and put you at risk for malware.
  • You compromise the security of the phone, allowing app producers to enter your phone through the app.



Most network or mobile phone carriers lock handsets to their network when you purchase them on a contract or pay monthly basis. Adding a sim from another network will render the phone “useless” and only usable over wifi. Unlocking your phone legally will enable you to use any sim, anywhere in the world.


  • It is cheap.
  • It just takes a couple of hours and all you need is an IMEI number and wireless connection.
  • It is completely legal.
  • It lasts a lifetime – despite iOS updates.
  • You can use the phone with any sim in any country.
  • You keep your Apple warranty.
  • It is the exact same phone that can simply accept different sim cards.


  • It doesn’t open up your access to outside of Apple apps.
  • You cannot personalise the phone.